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The Drowned City is the eighth chapter of Drake's Fortune. After losing the last of Eddy's pirates, Nate and Elena found themselves in the ruins of a completely flooded city.


Nate and Elena swam out of their crashed jeep and into the flooded ruins of an old, abandoned colony. After the two defeated the last of Eddy's men, Elena showed Nate footage of what she had filmed back at the fortress. She pointed out a building in the harbor where the ships would have unloaded all of their cargo, further surmising that the El Dorado statue must have gone through there too.

Our Ticket Outta HereEdit

Our Ticket Outta Here

Elena showing Nate the footage she captured.

Nate noticed a small motorboat in front of the building, claiming it was their best chance of escaping the island, which made Elena realize he was giving up. Nate, reminding her of the negative odds they would have against Eddy's men, admitted his disinterest in going after the treasure, saying it was not worth their lives. While she initially believed they were doing good so far, she agreed, but regardless, heading to the harbor was their only chance of freedom. As Elena began to walk to the jet ski, Nate halted her, ultimately deciding that he would be driving instead.

The Drowned City gameplay 2

Nate and Elena riding through the city on a jet ski.

Using the jet ski, the two set off through the drowned city. While doing so, they encountered several of Eddy's pirates attacking them from within the old buildings and structures, as well as stumbling across several explosives placed within the water to stop them. As they soon approached the customs house, Elena mentioned reading stories of a cursed Incan treasure and began to suspect it may have had something to do with El Dorado. Nate laughed it off as superstitious nonsense, but Elena pointed out that something bad has happened to the place, and that a colony does not just vanish without reason.

Once they reached a drop-off point at the building, Nate hopped off the jet ski. They spotted a cable above that connected from a tall tower to the building. Since this cable was their key to getting inside, Nate insisted on checking it out. Elena decided to stay behind and keep watch over the jet ski, while Nate ventured off to figure out a way to get them to the tower. He explored the area and encountered more pirates, eventually stumbling across a winch that unlocked the gate blocking the path to the tower. Once done, Elena pulled up below Nate, allowing him to hop on and take the wheel, thereby continuing their trip to the tower.


After you and Elena swim to shore ahead, avoid or shoot the few enemies attacking you from the cliff, and then take out the pirates up ahead. A second wave follows, but there is a Wes-44 and Mk-NDI grenade placed near the first piece of cover in the area. Once the pirates are down, search for the winch to open up the small gate leading to a dock where you will find the jet ski.

The Drowned City gameplay 3

Elena shooting explosive barrels.

After the cutscene, hop onto the jet ski and begin making your way through the flooded city. You will be facing some opposition along the way, therefore Elena is equipped with an M79 grenade launcher, which packs unlimited ammunition and does not need to reload. Enemies attack you from balconies and on-top of buildings. Also, scattered throughout the waters are explosive barrels, sometimes appearing in large numbers. They should be blown from a reasonable distance to clear the path. It is important to note that you cannot move the vehicle while aiming with Elena's launcher. Use this tactic until you get through the river surrounded by buildings. You will drive up a short ramp and enter a port. Head left to reach the docking area.

The Drowned City gameplay 4

The two approaching the drop-off point.

Shortly after getting off the jet ski, press the required button to have Nate's attention be drawn to a cable between a tower and the side of the port. This is where you will need to head to next. Head towards the tower where the cable is bolted down. You will approach a small plaza packed with more pirates, notably one on-top of a small building wielding an M79. Said building also has two grenades lying on a crate, both of which will, along with the M79, come in handy against the large group of entrenched pirates in the ruined house behind it.

Any attempts to enter it will likely see you gunned down, due to their numbers and a lack of cover for you that will cover both the left and front sides. Instead, use your explosive weapons to kill any pirates from behind their cover, and if need be, simply wait a moment to see if any enemies will approach you instead. Afterwards, follow the ruins until it leads you up a staircase. At the top of the stairs, turn right and start leaping across the balconies. Use the balconies and windows of the buildings to reach another winch, which is guarded by a lone pirate. After operating the winch and opening a gate, Elena will pull up and Nate will take control of the vehicle again. The next chapter begins at this point.

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