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The Fort is a multiplayer map featured in Among Thieves and revamped into Fort for Drake's Deception.



The map is a "throwback" to The Fortress in Drake's Fortune. The map has two sides that are, to an extent, symmetrical. It has obstacles that can give cover from fire. There is an underground chamber that has three openings. One in the middle of the course, and two that come out into the main hub. Both sides of the map have flanking positions for players to sneak around and kill their enemies from behind.

Weapon locations

  • Moss - 12 - Located on top of the dried out fountain at the middle of the map.
  • RPG-7 - Located inside a small room to the side of the underground chamber.
  • Riot Shield - Located inside a larger room to the side of the ground level area.


  • After some time playing, the players will see Sully's plane come down and hit the tower of the fort. This is purely an aesthetic effect and has no effect on gameplay, therefore it is not an environmental hazard.
  • Outside the map, you can see the iconic tower that Drake climbs in Uncharted: Drake's Fortune. At the other side of the map, across the river lies the sunken Spanish ships that Francis Drake sunk.
  • The map was not available to people that bought Uncharted 2 straight away, but was included free in title update 1.02 in November 2009. It does not appear on the PlayStation Store.
  • The revamped map in Uncharted 3, Fort, appears overcast and is constantly raining during matches.


The Fort Panorama.jpg
Panorama of the Fort
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