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The Lab was a selectable competitive multiplayergamemode in Uncharted 2: Among Thieves. It was run by Naughty Dog.


Each edition of The Lab featured a variation on the standard competitive gametypes from Uncharted 2s multiplayer. The Lab was usually run for two weekends every month, once every fortnight. On October 16th 2010 an extra episode of The Lab was run to celebrate the first anniversary of Uncharted 2: Among Thieves. The Lab often coincided with cash multiplier events.

The Lab gametypes[]

Gametype Date Description Available Maps Cash Multiplier
2 vs. 2 Team Deathmatch May 28 – June 1, 2010 Grab a partner for this small- to medium-size map mow-down. You've got 15 minutes to rack up 25 kills, or more than the other team, to prove your small-team superiority. The Temple, The Ice Cave, The Plaza, The Village 2x
Shotguns & Pistole Only June 11 – 14 2010 It's short-range mayhem as all players and maps spawn with Moss - 12 and Pistole only. Oh, and NO grenades. The Temple, The Village, The Train Wreck, The Ice Cave None
Sniper Extermination June 25 – 28 2010 Two teams. Dragon Sniper rifles. One life per round. Best of 5 rounds takes the match win. Absolutely tense, totally tactical. Unknown Unknown
Plunder - Pistols Only July 9–12, 2010 Plunder. But with Pistols only, no rifles, no power weapons. This should even the odds between the treasure bearer and his assailants as all will be equipped with the relative high-rate of fire and excellent accuracy of the 92FS - 9mm pistol. The Plaza, The Sanctuary, The Train Wreck, The Lost City None
Grenades Only July 23 – 26 2010 Boom... The Plaza, The Sanctuary, The Train Wreck, The Village None
Co-Op Crushing August 6 – 9 2010 Think you've mastered all of the Co-op modes? Give this episode of The Lab a try – health has been lowered to Crushing levels in a selection of Co-op Arena maps. This episode of The Lab was originally meant to feature Co-op Objective maps as well, however Naughty Dog announced that there was an issue that would prevent them from adding those maps. The Plaza – Gold Rush, The Village – Gold Rush, The Lost City – Survival None
No Power Weapons August 20 – 23 2010 Can you still dominate with the basic tools of Uncharted 2 multiplayer? During this weekend of “The Lab” the only tools left in your arsenal are the AK-47, FAL, 92FS - 9mm, Micro - 9mm and the Mk-NDI grenades. The Plaza, The Train Wreck, The Village None
3 vs 3 Deathmatch September 3–7, 2010 3 vs. 3 team deathmatch, with NO boosters. The Sanctuary, The Train Wreck, The Temple 2x
Desert - 5 Shootout September 17–20, 2010 In this episode of The Lab, you've only got your trusty eight-shooter, the Desert - 5, to rely on against your opponents. Players spawn with only one grenade, and no further grenades can be found in the maps. There are No Boosters in this episode of The Lab. The Sanctuary, The Temple, The Train Wreck None
3 vs 3 Plunder October 1–4, 2010 Plunder is one of those gametypes where things start to get really interesting when you have less teammates to assert your domination over the maps. The tide can turn quickly and a lucky lone wolf can get the opening needed to take the treasure all the way to score. The Plaza, The Sanctuary, The Temple, The Train Wreck None
Best of... October 16, 2010 As part of the one year anniversary celebration of Among Thieves, Naughty Dog are ran a very special, one-day only playlist rotating through your favorite episodes of The Lab – as voted for through monthly NaughtyDog.com polls. The gameplay variations available were: Shotguns Only, Plunder - Pistols Only, No Power Weapons, Desert - 5 Shootout, and Deathmatch – No Boosters. The Plaza, The Sanctuary, The Temple, The Train Wreck 5x
2 vs 2 Elimination October 29 – November 1, 2010 How do you make Elimination even more tactical? Reduce the maximum number of players on each team down to two. Teamwork, good communication and a sound strategy are absolutely necessary if you want to win rounds and matches. No Boosters, No Power Weapons. The Ice Cave, The Plaza, The Temple, The Train Wreck 2x
M32-Hammers Only November 12–15, 2010 You've experienced The Lab episode of Grenades Only to get your fill of explosives-only action in multiplayer. In that vein, Naughty Dog have focused one power weapon for this episode of The Lab, the M32-Hammer. Players spawn with 8 shots in their M32-Hammer, and some ammo can be found scattered throughout the maps. All other weapons, including grenades are disabled. The Plaza, The Sanctuary, The Temple, The Train Wreck None
Plunder - Snipers Only November 24–29, 2010 A Thanksgiving special episode of The Lab featuring Doughnut Drake and Doughnut Lazarevic skins, and double cash! Starting from this weekend of The Lab, the cash cap was removed permanently from multiplayer. The Lost City, The Plaza, The Train Wreck, The Sanctuary 2x
Best of... December 22, 2010 - January 3, 2011 Same as previous "Best of..." playlist The Plaza, The Sanctuary, The Temple, The Lost City 4x
No Power Weapons January 14 – 18 2011 Due to the primary focus of developing Drake's Deception, from this date onwards the most popular old Lab playlists will be reused. The Lost City, The Plaza, The Sanctuary, The Temple 3x
Sniper Extermination January 28–31, 2011 Elimination – you're out for the round as soon as you've been taken out by the other team – but with Sniper rifles only. The Lost City, The Plaza, The Temple, The Train Wreck None
Shotguns & Pistole Only February 10 – 14 2011 This episode of The Lab favors short range battles as all players are equipped with only a Moss - 12 shotgun and Pistole. There are no grenades and no other weapons available for pickup on the map, although you can still rock the riot shields and use propane tanks. The Ice Cave, The Temple, The Train Wreck, The Village None
RPG-7s Only February 25–28, 2011 Normally only found within the All Competitive Modes playlist or within custom games, Naughty Dog decided to give "RPG-7s Only" it's day in The Lab. Following this Lab weekend, RPG-7s only was removed from the All Competitive Modes playlist. The Ice Cave, The Lost City, The Plaza, The Village None
Deathmatch - No Boosters March 11–14, 2011 It's normal weapons, but no boosters in this edition of the Lab. Unknown Unknown
Snipers & Pistole March 25–28, 2011 After removing Snipers and Pistoles from All Competitive Modes, Naughty Dog brought it back for its own Lab. The Ice Cave, The Lost City, The Sanctuary, The Village None
Deathmatch - Crushing April 8, 2011 - TBA Originally meant to end on April 11, 2011, this playlist is still running, and was never taken down by Naughty Dog following the 2011 PlayStation Network outage. A hardcore gametype variation of Team Deathmatch. The Crushing option sets player health at 80% of normal health - which means you and all your opponents are going to go down that much quicker when being shot at. Unknown None

Cancelled/Postponed Labs[]

Gametype Planned Date Description
M32-Hammers Only April 29 - May 2, 2011 This playlist was postponed due to the widespread PSN outages. It was due to be run with a triple cash weekend. Following the restoration of the PSN, Naughty Dog have posted no further updates on the status of this Lab.