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This is the full verbal transcript for The Lost Legacy.


Meenu: That one is my favourite. It makes your eyes twinkle.

Chloe: Does it now?

Meenu: Half price, if you buy two.

Chloe: Wow. You again. Is this your store?

Meenu: (laughs) No, my father's.

Chloe: Ahh. How much?

Meenu: Eight hundred rupees, please.

Chloe: Eight hundred rupees?

Meenu: Okay, okay. For you, five-fifty.

Chloe: Incredible. So... does your father usually leave you here alone?

Meenu: No, he's away fighting the rebels.

Chloe: Oh. The Indian army called him up, did they?

Meenu: No. He volunteered.

Chloe: Really? Well… if it was my choice, I wouldn't leave you here alone. All right. That's three hundred…

Meenu: Better deal. Four hundred rupees, plus Ganesh.

Chloe: (laughs) You don't want this. It's broken. See?

Meenu: You don’t know the story? Ganesh fought Parashurama while standing guard at his father’s door…

Chloe: Yes, to defend the honor of his father, Shiva. And got his tusk hacked off for his troubles.

Meenu: Hmm. Interesting.

Chloe: Anyway— it’s not for sale. Right on time. Okay, look – six hundred rupees. You can keep the change.

Meenu: Hey, wait!

Meenu: Hey! You need a guide.

Chloe: Oh? And what'll that cost me?

Meenu: (laughs)

Chloe: Need to be on that truck before it goes...

Meenu: So, your Ganesh… How much for it, really?

Chloe: Not for sale. Excuse me. (clears throat)

Meenu: What?

Chloe: Don't get me wrong. Decent technique on the lift. But I'd like my Ganesh back… Please.

Meenu: (sighs) Fine.

Chloe: (scoffs) A for effort, kid.

Meenu: People aren't allowed across the bridge. It's too dangerous.

Chloe: Listen, kid… it's been really fun. But you need to make yourself scarce.

Meenu: I have a spare bed in the store. Three hundred rupees. Best deal in all of India.

Chloe: Ahh. Okay, no thanks. I need to get on this truck.

Meenu: Bad idea. The rebels. They hurt people.

Chloe: Listen... I need to help my friend, okay? Tell you what. When I get back, pizza's on me. Deal?

Meenu: Deal.

Chloe: Good. Shit. Damn it.

Meenu: Sir! Sir!

Chloe: Wait—! Oh god.

Meenu: Please!

Meenu: My dad! We were eating ice cream and I can't find him! I can't get home without him!

Soldier: It's okay. It‘s okay. What happened?

Meenu: He was standing over there.

Meenu: Wait! There he is! There he is! Thank you, sir!

Aid Worker: We're just bringing supplies to the—

Insurgent: Shut up!

Chloe: (sighs) Those poor bastards. Okay. Red door. That's it? Better than nothing. Here we go.

Chapter 1: The Insurgency[]

Chloe: Just an active war zone. Nothing you can't handle. Why are they still here? God, get out while you can.

Insurgent: Move, move, move! Let's go! He's in here!

Civilian: What are you doing?

Insurgent: Let's go! Out! Move it!

Chloe: Whoa, shit.

Insurgent: Down on the ground!

Civilian: Please –

Insurgent: Now!

Civilian: I've done nothing wrong!

Insurgent: Goddamn spies.

Civilian: What? No!

Insurgent: (spits) Shut up!

Civilian: Please!

Insurgent: He's lying.

Civilian: No!

Insurgent: Get in the truck! Move it!

Civilian: You're got the wrong man. I swear to you!

Insurgent: I said, get in the truck, now! If he moves, shoot him.

Insurgent: Yes, sir.

Insurgent: You, come with me.

Chloe: Bloody bullies.

Insurgent: Get out of here! Go on!

Chloe: Damn it. Checkpoint. Guess I don't have a choice.

Insurgent: Hey, hold on. What's your rush? How do I know you're not smuggling something in here? Arms up.

Lieutenant: Hey.

Insurgent: Dangerous to be out so late.

Lieutenant: Hey. Where do you live? What, are you deaf?

Insurgent: Answer him.

Lieutenant: I said, where do you live?

Chloe: Aaravtha zone.

Lieutenant: I'm in the middle of something—!

Asav: It can wait.

Lieutenant: Yes, sir.

Asav: Meet me inside.

Lieutenant: Understood. You, with me. Man the gun.

Insurgent: Sir? What about her?

Lieutenant: Just let her through.

Insurgent: You heard him. Get going.

Chloe: Lucky for them I've got somewhere to be... Red door. Check. Not this way.

Insurgent: You got a light?

Chloe: Oh dear.

Insurgent: Don't smoke.

Insurgent: You're useless.

Insurgent: If I can't sell it, I don't want it.

Chloe: And that's that.

Insurgent: Shit. Come along, friend. Looks like rain again.

Insurgent: Yeah. Might clean this place up at least.

Insurgent: (scoffs) It'll take more than rain for that.

Insurgent: Shit. They're getting closer. We should get off the streets.

Insurgent: Our shift ends in an hour.

Insurgent: I need sleep.

Insurgent: You can sleep in the truck.

Insurgent: No, thank you.

Insurgent: Is that the last of them?

Insurgent: Almost. There's a couple more in the alley.

Insurgent: We moving out tonight? Can't wait. Tired of these people.

Insurgent: No, Asav says one week.

Insurgent: Another week in this shit hole?

Insurgent: Remember the end goal, brother.

Insurgent: You still have that bottle of coconut Arrack?

Insurgent: I might. What is it worth to you?

Insurgent: My eternal gratitude.

Insurgent: Not good enough.

Insurgent: Where the hell did you get a bottle of Arrack, anyway?

Chloe: Okay.

Insurgent: Down the street from here. This one guy had a large collection.

Chloe: Oh, shit! Great timing.

Insurgent: Think there's any left?

Insurgent: I only took two bottles.

Insurgent: I’m going over later.

Chloe: (through texting) “I’m in.”

Unknown number (+91 431 526 019): “Rooftop", "Pink Lotus”

Chloe: Pink Lotus... The hell does that mean?

Insurgent: Let's check in there. Looks untouched.

Insurgent: I like how you think, brother.

Insurgent: (sighs) This is a great victory for us. They didn't see it's coming.

Chloe: Damn.

Insurgent: How long yo been with the movement?

Insurgent: Long enough. I've been with Asav since he was chasing down small trinkets all over India.

Insurgent: Can't wait to join the real fight. This place is a shit-hole.

Chloe: Nice and easy...

Insurgent: I'm tired of these small operations. When do we take the fight to the tyrants?

Insurgent: Asav says he needs more time to prepare.

Insurgent: The government thinks we're a joke.

Insurgent: They won't think that for much longer.

Insurgent: We've been here for weeks. When do we move on?

Insurgent: Not until we've picked this place clean. Every piece helps. We must keep to the shadows. The Army has eyes everywhere. Even cornered dogs bite back.

Chloe: Holy shit.

Insurgent: Soon, friend. Soon.

Chloe: Right. Active war zone. Oh hell! Oh... my god. Indian army's not messing around. Pink Lotus. Not what I was picturing.

Unknown number (+91 431 526 019): “Shift changed”, “Forget the roof!!”

Insurgent: Intel said there was at least two targets, one was the warehouse, the other… You're in the wrong place, girl.

Insurgent: What the hell—?!

Insurgent: I've got you now!

Insurgent: Nowhere to run, girl!

Nadine: You're late, Frazer!

Chloe: Nice to see you too!

Insurgent: Holy shit, they took out the first squad! Stop them!

Nadine: What the hell was that? I thought you were a professional.

Chloe: Oh, you should relax. You'll longer.

Nadine: Relax? It took me weeks to track down Asav. The man's as unpredictable as they come.

Chloe: He's just another warmonger with no war to fight.

Nadine: No, you don't know him like I do. He changes location and routines by the hour. We'd be foolish to take unnecessary risks.

Chloe: We? Let's get one thing straight. This is my gig. You want your share, "we" play by my rules.

Chloe: What's it gonna be?

Nadine: He's the one with the beard.

Chloe: That's the spirit. Hm. Handsome.

Nadine: If you're into psychopaths.

Chloe: Nobody's perfect. Where's base camp?

Nadine: Top floor. Balcony.

Chloe: All right. Let's do this.

Chapter 2: Infiltration[]

Nadine: Had a street route all planned out, but they'll be looking for us now. What do you suggest?

Chloe: I'll think of something.

Chloe: Come on. I'll give you a boost up. There you go.

Chloe: Thank you.

Chloe: Follow me! There! That wasn't so bad.

Nadine: (sighs) Now what?

Chloe: Patience. Up here.

Nadine: Really?

Chloe: Really. Careful on this one.

Nadine: You sure this is safe?

Chloe: No. Come on. This way.

Nadine: You realize we're moving away from Asav's den.

Chloe: Yeah, we're taking the long way.

Nadine: Now I see why you're always late.

Insurgent: (yawns) Just one more hour.

Nadine: 'I'll take him out.

Chloe: No, I got it.

Insurgent: Cobra 1 to Cobra 5. Over.

Insurgent: Received, Cobra 1.

Insurgent: Get to the Pink Lotus. We have activity. Over.

Insurgent: Copy that, Cobra 1. Shit.

Nadine: Adequate work. Well, where to now?

Chloe: Up? Okay...

Nadine: Where are you off to?

Chloe: Just exploring our options. Sit tight. Well, she certainly lives up to her reputation. Here we go— Ooooh shit!

Nadine: Aahh! Are you trying to kill me?!

Chloe: Sorry about that.

Nadine: How 'bout we avoid crates from now on.

Chloe: Okay, good deal.

Nadine: Up ahead.

Insurgent: What was that?

Chloe: Shit!

Insurgent: I swear I heard something.

Chloe: There's some cheap office supplies if you want 'em.

Nadine: You always this talkative on the job?

Chloe: Yeah.

Nadine: Watch it. Above you.

Chloe: One less problem.

Nadine: It is just above us.

Chloe: See? That wasn't so bad. It wasn't. This will just take a moment. There's one... Or that works.

Nadine: Let's find that disc.

Chloe: Thank you very much. Watch our backs, yeah?

Nadine: Ja. Christ, it's like walking through an antique shop.

Chloe: He's been a busy boy.

Nadine: How much you think it's all worth?

Chloe: Enough to keep his little insurrection going for quite some time. Hm... Indian-Christian.

Nadine: Is that it?

Chloe: No. Just looking.

Nadine: It doesn't bother you? These are all Indian artifacts.

Chloe: It's not my fight.

Nadine: Hm.

Chloe: Sala and the tiger. Maybe he's closer than I thought. Ivory trader, too. Asshole. Ah, Lakshmi, goddess of wealth.

Chloe: I'll just borrow this.

Nadine: Frazer.

Chloe: Um-hmm.

Nadine: C'mere.

Chloe: That looks promising.

Nadine: It's locked.

Chloe: Not for long.

Nadine: What was that map?

Chloe: Western Ghats, Hoysala territory.

Nadine: Shit...

Chloe: No, it's all right. Nothing we didn't already know.

Nadine: Hm.

Chloe: Ah. Careful.

Nadine: It's beautiful.

Insurgent: Look around! She's close! In here!

Nadine: Shit. Time to go!

Asav: Nadine... Ross. What a pleasant surprise. Ah, ah, careful brothers. This tiger's got claws.

Nadine: Asav.

Asav: All these years... and you haven't aged a day.

Nadine: You're too kind.

Asav: (chuckles) Are you looking for work? I hear that Shoreline's under new management.

Nadine: Temporary setback. Nothing I can't handle.

Asav: Of course. Of course. Pity, though. My men and I could use someone of your caliber. Why are you here? And this... this isn't your area of expertise.

Chloe: It is a nice collection I must say. Chloe Frazer. Collector of antiquities.

Asav: A thief. You’re working for a thief?

Insurgent: Sir. We have a situation.

Asav: (scoffs)

Insurgent: Sir. The Pink Lotus.

Chloe: What?

Insurgent: Someone took down the whole team. Over.

Asav: I’ll be right there. The disc.

Chloe: Oh, right, about that. At first, I mistook you for just... an average... rebel.

Asav: Oh.

Chloe: But you have managed to find the Hoysala Empire. That's not bad. Their greatest treasure— the Tusk of Ganesh? Now, that's not an easy find.

Nadine: What are you doing?

Chloe: Three Persian invasions, three separate wars, and all these years later... no one has found it.

Asav: We're close.

Chloe: You're lost. And the only chance you have of even narrowing down its location is to find someone who can help you... crack… this artifact.

Asav: Someone with extensive knowledge of Hoysala society.

Chloe: Exactly.

Asav: Hm. An expert in their culture and history.

Chloe: My rates are reasonable.

Asav: A parasite... who exploits our struggle... in order to fatten her pockets.

Chloe: Hm. So, that's a no? Felt like a no.

Asav: (chuckles) You've got balls. I like that. But I don't need any more so-called experts. Shoot them. Throw their bodies in the river.

Chloe: No need. We'll throw ourselves out..!

Asav: After them!

Nadine: me! Through the window!

Chloe: Now you're talking!

Insurgent: They have the disc! Get them!

Chloe: Oh, shit!

Nadine: Come on! We need to get across the river!

Insurgent: There they are! Take them out!

Chloe: Whoa!

Insurgent: Thieves! Thieves!

Chloe: Okay.

Nadine: Christ!

Insurgent: On the rooftops! Shoot them!

Chloe: It's this way!

Insurgent: They are here! Cut them off!

Chloe: Bloody hell!

Insurgent: Don’t let them get away!

Chloe: In here, quick! Ahh!

Nadine: What the hell was that back there?

Chloe: Messy, but effective.

Nadine: You were going to sell me out, weren't you?

Chloe: It's called improvisation. God, who's being unprofessional now?

Nadine: What the hell is that supposed to mean?

Chloe: It means you let Asav get the jump on us. I'm starting to wonder whether you're worth the fifty percent.

Nadine: I knew it. You were going to give me up. Guess a leopard can't change her spots.

Chloe: You know nothing about me.

Nadine: Fair warning— last person who betrayed me wound up dead. There's your river.

Chloe: Yeah, and your guy better be there. Shit. Yeah, well, time to go!

Nadine: Come on!

Chloe: Right behind you! So, this is dangerous!

Nadine: Jump!

Chloe: Oh no! Agh!

Nadine: Got you!

Chloe: Thanks!

Nadine: Come on! You still have the disc?

Chloe: Yeah. Keep moving!

Nadine: Watch out!

Chloe: Oh! For the love of God! Glass jaws, the lot of you.

Nadine: No time to gloat, let's go!

Chloe: Aah! Are you joking?

Insurgent: They are going to the river!

Insurgent: We are losing them!

Nadine: Don't stop, keep moving! This is going great.

Chloe: Least it's not pouring rain!

Insurgent: Damn it, they are out of reach!

Chloe: Follow me! River's just below!

Insurgent: Someone get after them!

Nadine: Slide down the lights!

Chloe: Here we go! Ahh!

Nadine: (sighs)

Chloe: How we going out there?

Nadine: On schedule. Should hit land in about an hour.

Chloe: Great.

Nadine: The Tusk of Ganesh. No wonder the Hoysala capital was ransacked. Look at this thing. Any luck?

Chloe: I don't need luck.

Nadine: I'd say we can use all the luck we can get.

Chloe: Are you still hung up on Asav's so called "expert"? (chuckles) Don’t worry.

Nadine: If Asav's not in the Ghats already, he'll be right on our heels. Plus he's got weapons, transports, hundreds of men... (gasp)

Chloe: Like I said— don't... worry.

Nadine: Looks like some kind of key?

Chloe: Maybe. Let's see. Okay. The trident was Ganesh's weapon. The bow and arrow was Parashurama's… and the axe... was a gift from Shiva. The great battle...

Nadine: What?

Chloe: The battle in which Ganesh lost his tusk. I bet we find these symbols... we find the Tusk.

Nadine: Not bad, Frazer.

Chloe: Yeah, well, you can thank my dad for that. Hindu myths were his thing.

Nadine: It rubbed off. He must be proud.

Chloe: Sun's almost up.

Nadine: I'll go get ready. Nice work.

Chloe: (sighs)

Nadine: Okay. Nearly there.

Chloe: This is a long way to go to settle an argument

Nadine: Just for my peace of mind, all right?

Chloe: Well. Nice view. And look— how weird. "I'm sorry I doubted you, Chloe."

Nadine: This Hoy-sah-la?

Chloe: Hoysala. It's not a modern structure. So we're definitely on the right track. What?

Nadine: I don't like it.

Chloe: You don't like anything.

Nadine: No— we've gone nearly a hundred kilometers with no sign of Asav.

Chloe: Glass half full, maybe we've got the jump on them.

Nadine: Unlikely.

Chloe: I'll get the Tusk. Asav's on you.

Nadine: Understood. Meet you back at the car.

Chloe: Yep. Ah... Right where I left it.

Chapter 3: Homecoming[]

Nadine: C’mon!

Chloe: Oh, crap!

Nadine: Frazer, what happened?

Chloe: My tree bridge fell. Okay...

Nadine: You still down there?

Chloe: Yup, still here.

Nadine: Great, just checking. Here, give me your hand.

Chloe: I'm good, actually.

Nadine: Okay. Want me to drive?

Chloe: Nope.

Nadine: I don't mind.

Chloe: I do. It's a control thing.

Nadine: Sure.

Chloe: (sighs) Let's just enjoy the serenity shall we?

Nadine: Got a dumb question.

Chloe: So much for that.

Nadine: How do you know the Tusk is still there?

Chloe: It would've turned up in a museum or something by now, right? Plus, I haven't seen any Hoysala exhibitions.

Nadine: I never even heard of the Hoysala before this job.

Chloe: Yeah, well... that's the fault of their last king, really. Young, reckless, flaunted his empire's wealth. Built a new capital to house the Tusk. And then led the Persians right to their doorstep.

Nadine: And now us.

Chloe: Hey, look! Flamingo convention.

Nadine: See a way forward?

Chloe: Looking! Woo! Ahhh! Refreshing.

Nadine: Agh... could've warned me.

Chloe: Aww, where's the fun in that? So... it's quite nice to be outdoors, isn't it? Away from the city.

Nadine: Quieter. You come back here often?

Chloe: No. Not really.

Nadine: Oi. Up ahead. Slow down.

Chloe: Well, look at this. Hoysala ruins.

Nadine: Can we get through that gate?

Chloe: I’ll check it out. The old capitals.

Nadine: What've we got?

Chloe: Halebidu… and Belur.

Nadine: I thought these were Ganesh and Shiva.

Chloe: Hm. Someone's been paying' attention. Ganesh was the guardian of Halebidu, the newer of the Hoysala capitals. Shiva was the guardian of the former capital Belur.

Nadine: Well, the stone work is beautiful. But this isn't much of a defensive wall.

Chloe: Hmm. Sculptors' quarters by the look of it. We're still on the outskirts.

Nadine: Didn’t take you for an archaeologist.

Chloe: That would be my dad, actually. I'm just a thief, remember? Hey—

Nadine: Hmm?

Chloe: Is the rental equipped with a winch?

Nadine: Looks that way.

Chloe: Great. That'll make short work of these gates.

Nadine: What, you're just going to pull them down?

Chloe: That's the plan. Unless you brought dynamite.

Nadine: This is your gig.

Chloe: Take that as a no. Right. That should do the trick—

Insurgent: Now, brothers!

Nadine: Frazer, move, it's an ambush!

Chloe: Shit!

Nadine: Take cover!

Chloe: Thanks for the heads up!

Nadine: Bastard. Okay. We're clear.

Chloe: Right. Where were we?

Nadine: You were about to pull down an ancient gate.

Chloe: Yeah. I was. And there we go. You're awfully quiet.

Nadine: I'm just surprised is all. Figured you’d be more of a "leave no trace' type when it comes to Indian ruins.

Chloe: Sentimentality in this line of work will get you killed.

Nadine: Whoa!

Chloe: What? They're just large, flying rodents.

Nadine: Actually, no they're not.

Chloe: Yeah they are.

Nadine: They're closer to primates and lemurs.

Chloe: Okay, well, I'll look it up. There we go. Made it.

Nadine: Stop! Asav.

Chloe: Huh... Well spotted.

Nadine: Shit. He's brought a whole battalion with him. Might even be more inside already.

Chloe: Hey, I'm flattered that he's taking us so seriously.

Nadine: We need to get through that gate.

Chloe: All right, well, slow down. We gotta take care of these jokers first.

Nadine: You have a plan?

Chloe: Yeah. Sure.

Insurgent: Any word from Cobra-1?

Insurgent: Patience. They'll call if those mongrels show their faces.

Insurgent: I don’t like it.

Nadine: Okay— not one for subtlety, are you?

Chloe: Not really.

Nadine: Was this really your plan?

Chloe: Sort of. You don't like it?

Nadine: Reinforcements, inbound!

Chloe: Damn it.

Nadine: We're clear.

Chloe: Just like I planned.

Nadine: (scoffs) Ja.

Chloe: I'll get the gate open. Bring one car 'round?

Nadine: Sure.

Chloe: Thank you. This looks to be it. Open sesame! Okay! Bring her up! Oof.

Nadine: Careful.

Chloe: Always. Right. Back to shotgun.

Nadine: I'm perfectly capable of driving you know.

Chloe: I'm sure you are, honey. I'm just prefer to.

Nadine: Wow. It's a lot of ground to cover.

Chapter 4: The Western Ghats[]

Chloe: True but unlike your boy Asav, we've got an advantage.

Nadine: The three symbols.

Chloe: Let’s have a look at the map. (Chloe pulls out a map) Okay, let's see. We are right about here. I can mark it up as we go. (Chloe put away the map) Check out that tower. (They go on.)

Nadine: Bet you could get the lay of the land from up top.

Chloe: Maybe...

Nadine: Okay. I'll keep an eye out for Asav.

Chloe: Perfect. Not that I'm too worried about him, though.

Nadine: You should be. We won't have the advantage of surprise again. Don't think he was much from you.

Chloe: Wait, was that a compliment? That, that sounded like a compliment.

Nadine: (scoffs) His guys are idiots, but Asav is... we just need to stay the hell away from him. Where are you going?

Chloe: Never understood the appeal of people like Asav.

Nadine: Easy. He finds men who are weak and offers the power. Gives them purpose.

Chloe: “Purpose.” Sounds more like bullshit to me.

Nadine: Where you going?

Chloe: Wanna climb it with me?

Nadine: I really want to but, ah... someone should keep watch for Asav's forces.

Chloe: Good call. Up and away. Easy does it...

Nadine: All right up there?

Chloe: So far, so good.

Nadine: Be careful up there!

Chloe: Uh-huh. Nearly there…

Chloe: Here's our three symbols. Well, that took less time than I expected. Parashurama's bow... Let's see here... Aimed right at those Hoysala ruins... It's an old fortress... Sitting smack dab in the middle of the lake bed. I'll jot a bow on the map in that spot. Let's see what's behind the axe door. Another old fortress... Tucked into the mountainside. I'll just mark that on the map... with an axe. Wonder what that could be? For future reference. Last but not least, the trident door. And another old fatness... Just beyond these waterfalls. Trident mark on the map for you.

Chloe: Whoa! Guess I should've looked for a call button before climbing up.

Nadine: Well, was it worth the climb?

Chloe: And then some. Found the three symbols.

Nadine: Really? the best places to look.

Chloe: Yup. Each one was pointing towards a different fortress. Those will be the best places to look.

Nadine: Perfect.

Chloe: How'd you get tangled up with Asav, anyway? Purpose?

Nadine: Rather not go into it.

Chloe: He certainly seemed to have a thing for you.

Nadine: Don't remind me. Proved useful at the time, but... ja.

Chloe: Uh... do tell.

Nadine: Rather not.

Chloe: Maybe over drinks?

Nadine: Not enough alcohol in the world.

Chloe: Right. You're the military expert. What's Asav's strategy here?

Nadine: He's spread out his men, hoping to stop us in our tracks. Not what I would do.

Chloe: So what would you do if you were Asav?

Nadine: Besides lose the beard? Hang back. Let you do the heavy lifting, then w in and grab up the Tusk once you'd done all the hard work.

Chloe: Devious.

Nadine: Practical. Mitigates a lot of risks. Oh, hold up. Over there, in that cliff wall. See that archway? Looks intact.

Chloe: You coming with?

Nadine: Feel like stretching my legs.

Chloe: Righty— oh.

Nadine: What is this place? (laughs) Well, will you look at that. Monkeys!

Chloe: You seem excited.

Nadine: I like monkeys.

Chloe: Looks like there's something in the structure there.

Nadine: Ya, monkeys.

Chloe: Besides monkeys.

Chloe: What have we here? Let’s see. Is it just me, or does that look like a map?

Nadine: Looks like our map.

Chloe: Huh. I'll just jot that down.

Chloe: Interesting. Some kind of Hoysala token.

Nadine: What about the symbols up there?

Chloe: Symbols? There's a slot... just the right size for a token. Let's give it a whirl.

Nadine: It filled one of the spots on the map.

Chloe: Yeah. Wonder what happens if we find them all? Those figures must be the old Hoysala Kings... eleven all in all.

Nadine: This going to help us get the Tusk?

Chloe: Don't think so... but...

Nadine: Exactly.

Chloe: Right. C'mon. Let's get back to it.

Nadine: Hey. No hitchhikers! Shoo!

Chloe: Oh, you're no fun.

Nadine: What, you want them shitting all over the seat?

Chloe: Looks safe.

Nadine: Smells safe. Let's go.

Chloe: Right. Where were we?

Nadine: Anyway. Like I was saying... Practical. Mitigate a lot of risks.

Chloe: Lucky you‘re on my team.

Nadine: Yeah, you are. I’m a little surprised Asav’s not doing the same thing. Maybe his expert knows more than we think.

Chloe: Right... all the more reason to wrap this up quickly, then.

Nadine: Look there— one of Asav's trucks.

Chloe: Looks clear out here.

Chloe: Interesting circular motif. Like the disc. Hey, look. Shiva's Axe. Matches the symbol in the tower.

Nadine: Shiva. He was the god of destruction, right?

Chloe: Yes— but maybe not in the way you're thinking.

Nadine: Not literal destruction, then?

Chloe: That, but also in a more positive sense. Like losing the ego, ditching bad habits.

Nadine: Shedding old attachments.

Chloe: Exactly. This should do the trick.

Chloe: There. Okay.

Chloe: Going... going... Gone.

Nadine: Let's get inside. What do you suppose this place was?

Chloe: Hard to say. A fortress? Not the right layout for a temple.

Nadine: Well, in we go.

Chloe: Oh. Sala versus the tiger.

Nadine: Doesn't seem like a fair fight.

Chloe: Sala won, actually. He was protecting his guru and killed the animal in one blow. It's where the name Hoysala comes from. "Hoy" means "strike" in their language.

Nadine: Interesting. Let's keep moving.

Chloe: Right.

Chloe: No! No, no, no! Whoa!

Nadine: Shit! You all right, Frazer?

Chloe: (coughs) Yep, fine. C'mon down.

Nadine: (coughs) Right. Whew. Now what?

Chloe: They've left their climbing gear.

Nadine: These should come in handy.

Chloe: Correction. Our climbing gear.

Insurgent: Don't be so stubborn. It's a reasonable request.

Nadine: Shh. I think I hear voices up ahead.

Insurgent 1: He'll think I'm weak. A man can't fight well, if his boots don't fit. Our cause does not afford luxuries.

Insurgent 2: Well, trade them. I'm sure there's a man here with floppy boots.

Insurgent 1: I'm smaller than most men.

Insurgent 2: I thought we were talking about your feet?

Insurgent 1: We are, we— you bastard. (chuckles)

Nadine: They're on to us!

Chloe: Christ!

Nadine: I think we're okay. Good aim. (signs) All clear.

Chloe: Yup.

Chloe: Oh my.

Nadine: What the hell is this?

Chloe: Okay, let's see what this does.

Nadine: That statue moved.

Chloe: Well... let's see how this goes. Well, I'll be go to hell. That's elaborate. Ah! Oh Shit.

Nadine: Statue moved again. Oh shit, look out!

Chloe: What— Ugh. Agh. Turns out getting walloped by an axe... hurts a little. Would you like to give it a shot?

Nadine: I'm good, thanks.

Chloe: Woo! That was close! All right. I think that did it! Come on over.

Nadine: Coming.

Chloe: Oh, for goodness sake.

Nadine: Three statues... with two different symbols now. A star... and rings.

Chloe: They're all Hoysala sun symbols. But I like your descriptions better. Ooh, close shave! Okay. So far, so good. Nearly there... Right, got it. Come on over!

Nadine: Copy that.

Chloe: Uh. Figured we had one more to go.

Nadine: How did you know that?

Chloe: Everything always comes in threes.

Nadine: Oh?

Chloe: You'll see. Ooh, close shave! Just a little further... That would've hurt! Aahh. Fresh air.

Chloe: Well, lookie here. What are you willing to bet...?

Nadine: Told you it was some kind of key.

Chloe: Gold star for you. Now, let's see what it does.

Nadine: What is it? Hoysala jigsaw puzzle?

Chloe: Of course. I'm making an axe. Nice to see you, Shiva.

Nadine: Now what?

Chloe: Now I guess we turn this crank... and see what happens next.

Nadine: Think it's safe?

Chloe: You know that treasure hunting is not a good gig for die risk-averse, right?

Nadine: Neither is being a mercenary. Difference is, when I pull the pin on a grenade, I know what's, happen next.

Chloe: My way's much more fun. Did you hear that?

Nadine: You feel that?

Chloe: What?

Nadine: Look at that.

Chloe: Holy hell. There's a massive relief carved into the side of that mountain. And you were worried that we were gonna turn that crank and die.

Nadine: Guess it's good I've got an archaeologist's daughter with me. That must've been fun growing up, eh?

Chloe: It had its moments. I learned a lot. Hoysala Empire was kind of his thing. (sighs) Took up a lot of his time, though. Me, if I go digging for treasure, I'd better make a buck or two.

Nadine: Oh sure. I don't take big risks without a good payday.

Chloe: I imagine so. Like running an army, huh? That's a big responsibility.

Nadine: Second nature. It's my father's company. He retired, I took over.

Chloe: Family business.

Nadine: Hm. Made a real mess of it. But you should know. But you should know. Heard you and those Drake brothers are close.

Chloe: Yeah. Well... it's a conversation for another time.

Nadine: So, where to next?

Chloe: There's the fort marked with a bow in the lakebed... And that fort sporting the trident above the waterfalls.

Nadine: (sighs) Suppose I should've asked about the Drakes before I took the job.

Chloe: Not much to tell. I know Nate pretty well. Sam less so. He seemed to just appear out of thin air. Let's head back to the car. Gotta love a shortcut.

Nadine: Glad we don't have to go back the way we came.

Chloe: I would've made you dodge the axes.

Nadine: So, lake bed and waterfalls.

Chloe: Roger that. Hey, just so you know, Nathan Drake is no longer in the picture. You don't have to worry about him.

Nadine: I had my concerns.

Chloe: Why'd you accept my offer?

Nadine: I'm not one to look a gift horse in the mouth. Especially with everyone wanting to see me fall.

Chloe: I hear that. But on the plus side...

Nadine: Oh, there's a plus side?

Chloe: Oh, when people have low expectations, it's much easier to take them by surprise. As far as I'm concerned, this business is tough enough on your own, you have to take any advantage you can.

Nadine: You always worked alone?

Chloe: Mostly.

Nadine: How old were you when you started?

Chloe: Young. Learned quickly enough I needed to let people think they were getting their way... And then I could get the upper hand.

Nadine: Too subtle for me. I always preferred the direct approach.

Chloe: Ah, whatever works, I say.

Nadine: Watch out. The rebels might be here already.

Chloe: Once more, with gusto. Look up there. Parashurama's Bow. Spotted this on the tower too.

Nadine: So, Para-sha-ma—

Chloe: Pa-ra-shu-rama.

Nadine: Parashurama. Right. Who was he again?

Chloe: Okay. Sixth avatar of the god Vishnu, a fearsome warrior.

Nadine: Right. Still wrapping my head around it all. There, see? I know how to drive.

Chloe: Sure. In reverse.

Nadine: You're welcome. Hm. Now where do we go?

Chloe: Up. We go up.

Insurgent: Nice to be out of that shit-hole, finally. I was starting to think the boss was all talk. I'd watch your mouth. Soon it won't matter. Once we have the Tusk, the people will follow like sheep. Yeah. Even the mighty Indian Army will tremble.

Insurgent: It’s Frazer!

Chloe: That's it. We're clear.

Nadine: Probably alerted the others.

Chloe: Can't be helped. C'mon.

Insurgent: There, on the mountain!

Nadine: Here come the others!

Chloe: You boys really don't want me shooting from down here! Okay. We're all clear.

Nadine: Won't be the last of them. That was a big truck parked out front.

Chloe: We'll keep our eyes open.

Nadine: We'd better. We'd walk right off a cliff.

Chloe: You do have a sense of humor.

Nadine: (sighs) Would've preferred a head start over Asav.

Chloe: Not much we can do. Besides, doesn't matter who starts, only who finishes.

Nadine: Fair point. Think Asav's men know what they're looking for?

Chloe: See that?

Nadine: Looks like another faucet.

Chloe: Let's find a way up. Follow me! Nadine. More friends up ahead.

Nadine: They don't know we're here. Good.

Chloe: Amazing, all things considered.

Nadine: Oh boy.

Nadine: I think we're okay.

Chloe: All right. Are we clear?

Nadine: We're clear.

Chloe: Good. Good to be clear.

Nadine: Let's press on.

Chloe: Just what I was gonna to say. Some kind of mechanism. Here we go...

Nadine: Look. It's opening that gate.

Chloe: Perfect. That should do it.

Nadine: Made it. Oh shit!

Chloe: Whoa. Well, you made it across, at least.

Nadine: Sorry. I'm sure you can find your way over here.

Chloe: Oh, definitely. Figured you'd want to take the easy way over. Beg your pardon.

Nadine: Doing all right?

Chloe: I'm fine. Just don't get started without me.

Nadine: Sure, wouldn't dream of it. Ah. There you are. Ah. There you are. Having fun?

Chloe: Just like the monkey bars in primary school.

Nadine: I'd say this looks safer than the playground at my school.

Chloe: Nearly made it.

Nadine: I'm impressed.

Chloe: You're impressed, I'm tired. Let's get this done.

Nadine: All right. I‘m guessing it'll be a bow this time.

Chloe: Good guess. Oh, this one's a bit trickier.

Nadine: Parashurama. Let's tum the water on.

Chloe: Whoa whoa. Whoa, whoa. What's to say it's not different this time? What if it's fire or something?

Nadine: You're messing with me...

Chloe: I'm totally messing with you. (sighs)

Nadine: Here we go.

Chloe: Mm-hmm. Mmm.

Nadine: What?

Chloe: I’m a little disappointed it wasn’t fire.

Nadine: (scoffs) Another waterfall.

Chloe: It's two out of three now. It's two out of three now.

Nadine: Hoysala went to an absurd amount of trouble to hide the Tusk.

Chloe: Well, the Tusk was the symbol of Hoysala dominance. Representing their wealth and their might. A nice trophy for the Persians. My dad always thought that the Tusk was something even greater though.

Nadine: Wait. Your dad was after the Tusk?

Chloe: Oh, my dad was obsessed with it. He spent every day and night researching it. All our money wasted on fruitless expeditions.

Nadine: Heard that one before.

Chloe: (sighs)

Nadine: So what came of it?

Chloe: I don't know. Well, he sent me and my mom away. He said it was no longer safe. (sighs) And off to Australia we went.

Nadine: Hm.

Chloe: And now here I stand... on the outskirts of Halebidu. Pretty funny. And the last fort's nestled above the falls. The one with the trident.

Nadine: At least your accent makes sense now.

Chloe: Yeah.

Nadine: Frazer's not exactly an Indian surname either.

Chloe: It was my mum's.

Nadine: Let's find a way to get back down to the car.

Chloe: Sounds good. Ah, this is open now.

Nadine: Just the one by the falls left.

Chloe: Sounds like a plan.

Nadine: Makes more sense why Asav’s after the Tusk now. Figured he just wanted the money. Like us.

Chloe: He’ll use it to rally people to his cause. Wave it in the government's face. Just like all the other times.

Nadine: This has happened before?

Chloe: Oh yeah. Ever since the young king lost to the Persians.

Nadine: Wait. Careful, more of Asav's forces. All right. And we were talking about...?

Chloe: Oh, right... This fight has happened ever since the young kid lost to the Persians. Everyone's wanted to lay claim to it, to this land.

Nadine: And here I thought we were just going on a treasure hunt.

Chloe: We are. Let men like Asav fight over it. It's none of our concern.

Nadine: Fighting wars was my concern for time.

Chloe: Good point. But you did it for the cash.

Nadine: Usually.

Chloe: What about when you worked for Asav?

Nadine: (scoffs) definitely a cash grab. Hardly worth the trouble.

Chloe: Ouch. Why do it then?

Nadine: Needed to establish my rep, eh. Figured I'd start with the worst of the bunch.

Chloe: Nowhere to go but up after that.

Nadine: Beautiful out here.

Chloe: This is your first visit to India?

Nadine: Yeah.

Chloe: Not a lot of perks in that line of work, but travel is definitely one of them.

Nadine: Where have you been?

Chloe: Ugh. Where haven't I been?

Nadine: Whichever question works for you.

Chloe: Well, I haven't been to the States.

Nadine: Really?

Chloe: Yeah, well, the stuff I'm looking for is usually old, right? The US was only founded a couple hundred years ago.

Nadine: True.

Chloe: What about you? Where do you want to go?

Nadine: Iceland.

Chloe: Nice choice, beautiful there.

Nadine: Well, it's quiet. Unspoiled. And I want to see those Northern Lights.

Chloe: Oh, okay. Yeah that's on the bucket list too. You should go when we're done here.

Nadine: Someday. Have other things to attend to first. Shit. The rebels beat us here.

Chloe: Check it out, it's Ganesh's Trident. Man, glad I climbed that tower, eh?

Nadine: Ganesh. Remover of Obstacles.

Insurgent: Is the gate secure?

Insurgent 2: Not yet! Waiting on Cobra 8!

Nadine: I've got your back. Let's just keep this quiet as long as we can.

Chloe: Think that's the lot of them. You all right?

Nadine: Fine. Just thinking of all the ways that could've gone better.

Chloe: See, I'm think about how it could've gone worse. Much more positive outlook. Sort of.

Nadine: Okay. Let's go find our giant water faucet.

Chloe: Hm. 'Kay, that's not it. Nor this. What's the trick here?

Nadine: What? Looked like a button.

Chloe: Yeah, I just wanted you to have a go at something. What's this? That's a good sound.

Nadine: One of the spokes on the wheel just turned around.

Chloe: Hm. The locks are retracting when I turn the wheels.

Nadine: So then there's probably five in total.

Chloe: Four to go, then. And how about you? That's two.

Nadine: Hey, here's another. I'll get it.

Chloe: Found you. Only one left. Last but not least. That should do it.

Nadine: Okay, back to the big wheel thing.

Chloe: Big wheel thing?

Nadine: Whatever the... archaeological term for it is.

Chloe: "Big wheel thing" works. Okay.

Nadine: You did it.

Chloe: Goddamn right I— did. Oh, come on.

Nadine: Looks like we're going under.

Chloe: Righty-oh.

Nadine: There's our faucet.

Chloe: One trident, coming up. Ohh... what the hell? That's not fair.

Nadine: It's Ganesh.

Chloe: Hello, sir.

Nadine: C'mon. Let's get this over and done with.

Chloe: Yep. Whoa. Shit.

Nadine: See? I told you it was dangerous. You hurt?

Chloe: Just my dignity.

Nadine: (chickles) Here we go.

Chloe: Let there be water. And now that's three. You know, you're pretty good at this whole treasure hunting thing.

Nadine: I'm a quick study.

Chloe: Hm. One question though. I recon that you could pretty much do anything you want. Why are you so keen to get Shoreline back?

Nadine: Seriously?

Chloe: Hm.

Nadine: My partner turns my own men against me. My lieutenant makes off with the bounty. Nathan and Samuel Drake get off scot free, and you're asking why I want Shoreline back?

Chloe: Yeah.

Nadine: It was on my watch. I lost it on my watch. All right, what the hell is that thing you keep playing with?

Chloe: It's my stress toy. It showed up in the mail a few weeks after we got to Australia. All right, we better get a move on. We don't want Asav to get ahead of us. You know, I have my fair share of screw-ups. (chickles) You just pick yourself up and move on.

Nadine: I don't like to fail.

Chloe: No one does, love.

Nadine: Right.

Chloe: All right. Let's find a way out. Last one back to the car buys dinner.

Nadine: I brought MREs.

Chloe: You're no fun.

Nadine: Frazer! Incoming reinforcements.

Insurgent: I'm telling you, it was their four by four outside!

Nadine: All right, we're clear.

Chloe: For real this time.

Nadine: You handled yourself fine, all things considered.

Chloe: What things are those?

Nadine: No real combat training. Slightly impulsive.

Chloe: Ah.

Nadine: Run around the field like a maniac. Need to learn what " short, controlled burst" means.

Chloe: Riiiight.

Nadine: And last, wearing red in the jungle combat scenario. I mean, seriously. Hey. If you want to look anywhere else out there, now's the time to do it.

Chloe: Right. Here we go. Shall we?

Nadine: Right behind you. Magnificent. How long do you supposed to take to carve something like this?

Chloe: Years. Decades, even. The Hoysala certainly did have a knack for stonework.

Nadine: And war, it seems.

Chloe: That too. They must've... made these to commemorate their victories against the Persians.

Nadine: Looks like they put up a good fight.

Chloe: They did. Pity it didn't last. But their loss is our gain, right?

Nadine: That carving looks familiar.

Chloe: That carving is an exact match for the disc.

Nadine: So what does it mean?

Chloe: I don't know yet. But, I'm guessing... we should get that a try. Shall to dance?

Nadine: Try not to break it this time.

Chloe: Sassy.

Nadine: What the hell—?

Chloe: (laughs) Now that's what I'm talking about.

Nadine: Huh. Can't say I was expecting that. You ready?

Chloe: Yeah. Just, um... taking it all in.

Nadine: Oh my god.

Chloe: Welcome to downtown Halebidu. The last known resting place of the Tusk of Ganesh.

Nadine: Spectacular.

Chloe: (exhale) Hmm.

Nadine: Hmm, what?

Chloe: Doesn't it look like there is a dam or something between the two Ganesh statues?

Nadine: Must've been eroded by the falls.

Chloe: So how do we get in?

Nadine: Hang on. Yeah, look at the crown. It's not wear and tear.

Chloe: You're right. Maybe it was the watch tower?

Nadine: Bet that's how the Persian got in.

Chloe: I have heard about the this place for sooo long. (chickles) I can't believe I'm actually looking at it.

Nadine: You should take a picture. Send it to your dad.

Chloe: Great idea.

Nadine: What, he one of those codgers who can't work a computer? Just take the picture, show it to him in person then.

Chloe: No it's a... just a few decades too late for that.

Nadine: Look, I'm...

Chloe: Oh. Oh god, please no. It's fine. Shall we, uh, head over to Halebidu?

Nadine: Ja. C'mon.

Chapter 5: The Great Battle[]

Chloe: Hard to believe it's real.

Nadine: Imagine what it took to make this. The craftsmen. The engineers.

Chloe: Yup. Their work still stands. But they're... gone. Maybe their king should've used their wealth to protect people and not make such an inviting target.

Nadine: Found the stairs down. What's left of them, anyway. Any thoughts how we get up to the crown?

Chloe: Did you bring the helicopter?

Nadine: Left it at home.

Chloe: Bum. Then I guess we're climbing.

Nadine: Over here. We can swing across.

Chloe: Okay. Ready?

Nadine: You first. Okay. Where to now?

Chloe: Look for a way up. There look— you can see some structures beneath the falls.

Nadine: You're right. They're even more impressive up close.

Chloe: And we're about to get closer. My apologies. C'mon, this way.

Nadine: You sure it's safe?

Chloe: You know, you keep asking me if that. It'll save us both some time if you just assume it's not. Ohh, shit.

Nadine: Frazer?!

Chloe: Oh! Oh boy! It's definitely not safe by the way.

Nadine: I saw. Think you can get back up here?

Chloe: Yeah. Keep going, I'll catch up. S'all right, I can manage.

Nadine: Just accept my help.

Chloe: Fine.

Nadine: Come on up.

Chloe: But only because you said please.

Nadine: I didn't, actually. Thought you said Ganesh was the remover of obstacles.

Chloe: He's more than happy to place them in your way if he thinks you'll benefit.

Nadine: That why the Hoysala chose him for Halebidu?

Chloe: He's also of the Lord of Good Fortune— the one you pray to for prosperity and success.

Nadine: Got it. That's cool. Is this really the only way across?

Chloe: Yup!

Nadine: You having fun out here?

Chloe: You know it! Woo! Amazing.

Nadine: Wow.

Chloe: Fun right?

Nadine: That was the craziest thing I've ever done.

Chloe: In a good way or bad way?

Nadine: I'll let you know.

Chloe: You doing great, china.

Nadine: Thanks. I'll be doing better when we get to the crown.

Chloe: Surprised we haven't seen Asav yet— knock on wood.

Nadine: Oh, he's around. Doubt we'll see him up here.

Chloe: Why's that?

Nadine: He doesn't have the stones to climb up this high.

Chloe: (laughs) I think I see a place we can swing over to the crown. Just a little farther to go. Ahhh!

Nadine: Oh, shit!

Chloe: Ooh! Thank you.

Nadine: Hurry up and climb. I'm slipping!

Chloe: Worth it?

Nadine: Impressive.

Chloe: Yeah.

Nadine: Now... how do we get off this thing?

Chloe: Okay. Easy does it...

Nadine: All right. Feels more sturdy up here.

Chloe: Don't jinx us. Here's our way in... courtesy of the Persian Army. Wow. Nice shot.

Nadine: Persians must've had a trebuchet.

Chloe: Trebuchet. Can't you just say catapult, like a normal person?

Nadine: A trebuchet is a type of catapult. It can handle heavier projectiles, like this one, and fling them longer distances.

Chloe: Right. You learn that in your military training?

Nadine: I looked it up on Wikipedia. Like a normal person.

Chloe: Ready?

Nadine: After you.

Chloe: Incredible. It's our old friends, Parashurama and Ganesh.

Nadine: Friends? Looks like they're fighting.

Chloe: Well, when the Hindu gods aren't off fighting demons, they're sometimes fighting each other.

Nadine: Well, it's not a fair fight. Ganesh isn't even armed.

Chloe: I guess it's not really his style.

Nadine: Amazing. Did they just carve this whole place out of the mountain?

Chloe: Sure looks like it. Through here.

Nadine: Right behind you.

Chloe: Hey look. Armaments. You were right, Nadine.

Nadine: I have my moments. This all Persian?

Chloe: Uhh, looks to be a mix of Persian and Hoysala.

Nadine: First line of defense.

Chloe: Now we're getting somewhere. Hey. Another one of these doors. Now let's see. Oh good. This one actually works. There we go... Nice to get some light.

Nadine: Feels like a crypt in here.

Chloe: Crypts and burials aren't really a Hindu thing. They generally favor cremation. It's a beautiful ceremony. "Antyesgti." Sanskrit for "last sacrifice."

Nadine: Sacrifice?

Chloe: The idea is our bodies are merely borrowed vehicles, and you're returning it so that others might benefit.

Nadine: It's lovely sentiment. Too late for these poor bastards.

Chloe: Hey, up here. What the hell...

Nadine: Jesus. This was it. Their final stand.

Chloe: Ugh. Wasn't enough to save their empire. But, their loss is our gain. Here's our way in. Nadine. Can you lend a hand with this chap?

Nadine: Sure.

Chloe: Come on, old fellow. There we go. Excuse me. Sorry.

Nadine: We must be getting close.

Chloe: Hopefully closer than these guys.

Nadine: Well, these device looks familiar.

Chloe: Let's hope it doesn't turn on the water in here. Huh. Well, that's different.

Nadine: What is all of this?

Chloe: If I had to guess, I'd say it's some kind of lock mechanism to open... that door. Okay, on the left we have... Shiva gifting Parashurama the axe. And on the right... We have Parashurama... chopping off Ganesh's tusk.

Nadine: Wait. With the axe?

Chloe: Yeah.

Nadine: The one that Shiva, Ganesh's father, gave to Parashurama?

Chloe: Yeah.

Nadine: Eish. That's messed up.

Chloe: That's family. C'mon. Let's see about opening that door.

Nadine: So how does all this work?

Chloe: Well... Only one way to find out. I think if that's it.

Nadine: You did it! Door's open.

Chloe: Yeah, and without any help from you whatsoever.

Nadine: You're welcome.

Chloe: Here we go. Fingers crossed.

Nadine: That supposed to happen?

Chloe: Don't know.

Nadine: Just don't get us killed.

Chloe: You're no fun. Ready? Whoa, whoa, whoa—

Nadine: Careful. Amazing.

Chloe: What the Shiva?

Nadine: My thoughts exactly. Frazer?

Chloe: Ross. Oh, no. No, it's okay. I think we're gonna be okay.

Nadine: Okay? Where the hell's the Tusk?

Chloe: I don't know. None of this makes any sense.

Nadine: Yeah. It does. The Hoysala sent us on a fool's errand. (scoffs)

Chloe: I think you're right.

Nadine: Terrific.

Chloe: No, hear me out. Ganesh is of the symbol of...

Nadine: Halebidu...

Chloe: And Shiva was the symbol of...

Nadine: Belur.

Chloe: Which was the old...

Nadine: The old capital.

Chloe: Exactly. What if the king built this spectacular city— and it was a wonderful target for the Persians.

Nadine: And the old capital was forgotten. So, this whole city was a decoy.

Chloe: What if they let it get plundered to protect Belur.

Nadine: And their treasure.

Chloe: I'm willing to bet that the Task was never here at all.

Nadine: So where's Belur?

Chloe: Oh, shit. Oh, shit.

Nadine: This is definitely not supposed to happen!

Chloe: It's coming loose! Grab the edge, quick! Whoa! Whoooaaa!

Nadine: Frazer?!

Chloe: I'm okay! Go! Made it!

Nadine: Up the stairs, come on!

Chloe: Okay, don't stop, keep going! Oh, damn it!

Nadine: Frazer?!

Chloe: I'm fine!

Nadine: (coughs) Holy shit.

Chloe: You all right?

Nadine: (laughs) How the hell are we still alive?

Chloe: (exhales) Raw talent. And a little bit of luck. (exhales). Nice work, partner.

Nadine: Nice work.

Chloe: Put 'em there. Jesus.

Nadine: (laughs)

Chloe: What was that?

Nadine: That was awful.

Chloe: I'm really embarrassed for you right now. (laughs)

Nadine: (laughs) Correct me if I'm wrong, but... wasn't there a huge waterfall here?

Chloe: There was.

Nadine: What the hell is that.

Chloe: Aqueducts. The water's channeling there from the falls.

Nadine: Amazing. Did we do this, just now?

Chloe: Well... technically, I did.

Nadine: cocky. (laughs) Sorry if I cut too close to the bone back there.

Chloe: Ah… it's all right. (signs) You know you two would've got on like a house on fire. He was also a really stubborn dickhead.

Nadine: (laughs)

Chloe: You know, none of this could have possibly gone unnoticed. We should probably get out of here.

Nadine: Good point. (sighs) Follow me.

Chloe: All right. The water is being channeled towards the gate, so let's follow the aqueduct.

Nadine: Copy that. I’ll take point. Frazer. Come on. Don't have time to play Marco Polo. What?

Chloe: Nothing. Huh. (laughs) So they flooded their city to protect their secrets.

Nadine: You think the soldiers knew they were being used as decoys?

Insurgent: Look at this. We are making progress, no? But check out this watch. Took it from that old man in the city. Dumb bastard, didn’t give it up easily.

Chloe: Right. You take left, and I take right?

Insurgent: Yeah, I remember.

Chloe: That works too. Nice job.

Nadine: Probably more where that came from.

Chloe: Right.

Nadine: Above you.

Chloe: Right, sorted.

Nadine: They saw us!

Chloe: Incoming! God damn it!

Nadine: We've got this! Downed one! Downed one! It's Asav! Get to the building! Find some cover! That'll keep him quiet.

Chloe: Oh, shit!

Nadine: Come on, this way!

Chloe: Oh god...! Whooaaa!

Nadine: Frazer! Over here!

Chloe: Be right there!

Nadine: Nice one. Never knew what hit him. Frazer, get down! Frazer! Here! Help me with the door!

Chloe: Whoa!

Nadine: Aaahh!

Chloe: You all right?

Nadine: Think so.

Chloe: Oh, shit.

Nadine: Where are we?

Chloe: No idea. But at least we're not in the line of fire. Well, hopefully there's another way out.

Nadine: That thing carved on the floor, what do you suppose it is?

Chloe: Nothing good. See those channels? Doubt they were meant for water.

Nadine: Oh.

Chloe: Up here— think there's a way through. Poor bastards.

Nadine: Dunno. I'd prefer being left to rot in a cell to getting tortured.

Chloe: Duly noted.

Nadine: Hear that?

Chloe: I do. Yep. There's the aqueduct. Up here. There's a breach.

Asav: The Eye of Shiva. Impressive. My man worked for a week and turned up nothing.

Chloe: Well, you probably hired the wrong expert.

Asav: Perhaps. The Hoysala poet once wrote of a young king, who showed mercy... and thus, ended our rituals. But the old Kings, they understood that progress demands... sacrifice.

Chloe: (scoffs) Is that what you tell your men?

Asav: All right. In times of war— these aqueducts, they would run red through the capital. Those who would not fight... had to be used to inspire those who would.

Asav: Come, let's make this quick. Huh. Slippery.

Chloe: Give me back my disc.

Asav: Come get it. You're making this easy.

Chloe: Swing and a miss!

Asav: Proud of yourself?

Chloe: A little, yeah. C'mon.

Asav: So slow. This will be over soon.

Chloe: Shit!

Asav: You see, to rule a people, you must first sow chaos.

Chloe: Wait...!

Asav: I will incite my civil war. Stamp out the weak bloodline of the young king. Starting with you.

Nadine: Frazer, get him!

Chloe: Son of a bitch!

Asav: Get up!

Chloe: Grab onto something!

Nadine: What?!

Chloe: (coughs) Anything!

Nadine: Frazer!

Chloe: Hmm.

Nadine: Frazer. Hey.

Chloe: Hm.

Nadine: You okay?

Chloe: Yeah. Hm.

Nadine: Hey, take it easy. You've been out for almost half an hour. You've been out for almost half an hour.

Chloe: Half an hour?

Nadine: Ja.

Chloe: Oh, shit. (sighs) Shit. Asav's got the disc.

Nadine: Just hang on—

Chloe: Ugh, we've got to get going—

Nadine: Hey, relax, all right?

Chloe: (exhales)

Nadine: Think you can manage?

Chloe: Yeah, I've had worse nights, believe me.

Nadine: (laughs) I won't ask.

Chloe: (laughs) (sighs)

Nadine: It's good to have you back.

Chloe: There's— there's two of you now, right?

Nadine: Ja.

Chloe: Okay. Let's go and get our disc.

Nadine: And some guns.

Chloe: And some guns. Uh. Can I just say... you were not joking about Asav. I mean... wow, he looks so unassuming.

Nadine: Right? That's exactly what he wants. Pretty sure his glasses are an affectation.

Chloe: To make him look harmless, or smart?

Nadine: Both.

Chloe: (laughs)

Nadine: But he is smart. Was a doctor before he took up his cause.

Chloe: So he left behind a lucrative career?

Nadine: I'm sure at one point he thought it was the right thing to do. Hey. You sure you're good to go?

Chloe: As good as I'll ever be. Just need to take it easy for a bit. Up here.

Nadine: Go slow. The gate, we made it.

Chloe: Let's get that thing open.

Nadine: Holy shit.

Chloe: Actually, that's a holy cow.

Nadine: (chuckles)

Chloe: That's Nandi. Shiva's gatekeeper. Shiva's gatekeeper. That's got to be the entrance to the old capital.

Nadine: It had to be triggered by the aqueducts.

Chloe: Yep.

Nadine: Ah, shit. Asav's already heading inside.

Chloe: Okay, well, better get down there, C'mon.

Nadine: No.

Chloe: What do you mean, no?

Nadine: Sam Drake. His goddamned “expert” is Sam Drake?!

Chloe: Yeah...

Nadine: Piss— You know what? You know what? This is a good thing. I can kill two birds with one stone.

Chloe: Nadine.

Nadine: What?

Chloe: Sam's kind of the reason why we're here in the first place.

Nadine: No, you'd better be joking.

Chloe: This was my deal.

Nadine: (sighs)

Chloe: Sam went ahead to do recon for me on the disc.

Nadine: Oh shit...

Chloe: But then he went missing and I couldn't leave him for dead—

Nadine: You knew my history with Sam, and you dragged me into this anyway!

Chloe: Your history with Asav made you the obvious choice— Don't hold back or anything.

Nadine: Oh, I did.

Chloe: You know what, Nadine? This doesn't change anything. You'll still get your share.

Nadine: Yeah? Or maybe you and Sam will cut me out as soon as you get the Tusk.

Chloe: Come on, man, that's not how I operate—

Nadine: That's exactly how your type operates. And to think I trusted you.

Chloe: Listen… I was going to tell you about Sam. I swear. I was just waiting for the right time to— shit. It's fine! I could use the exercise!

Chapter 6: The Gatekeeper[]

Chloe: I better go after her. This is what I get for being honest. Socked in the jaw. Well, Nadine's not too far.

Chloe: Glad I thought to pack pain killers. Course, they're back in the four by four.

Chloe: Here goes nothing. Slow down, slooow down... Well, at least I've still got my dignity.

Chloe: Try this way. (coughs) All right. (coughs) That's more like it.

Chloe: Whoa, oh. Oh, shit. Get down, get down.

Chloe: Holy shit, is that Nadine? Oh, she's really stepped in it now.

Chloe: Need to get to her. Not getting that deposit back.

Chloe: Let's see how strong that APC really is. One more of those and it's done. This'll put a dent in that APC. APC's down! Let's finish up! Reinforcements! Nadine! You all right?

Nadine: Can't resist kicking the hornet's nest, can you, Frazer?

Chloe: Yes, yes, listen we'll never get anywhere with these guys around! C'mon! Nadine! That's it— we're clear! Hang on, be right there.

Nadine: Shit.

Chloe: You need a hand? There we go. You're welcome.

Nadine: You lied to my face.

Chloe: I didn't lie. I just left out the part about Sam.

Nadine: (scoffs) Incredible.

Chloe: Look, Asav is getting a head start. And we need to hurry—

Nadine: ”We?”

Chloe: (sighs) Shit. Look, I—

Nadine: Spit it out.

Chloe: Okay. Cards on the table. I need your help.

Nadine: Should've thought of that before.

Chloe: And if you want the Tusk, you need mine. Look, I screwed up, okay?

Nadine: This is your idea of an apology?

Chloe: Well, if it helps to keep your head in the game, then sure. Listen, we both have something to lose here, am I right?

Nadine: Just so we're clear— my priority is the Tusk. Not Sam Drake. And certainly not you.

Chloe: Fair enough. What are you doing?

Nadine: Making sure we're not followed.

Chloe: Huh. That's a good idea. Whoa. What was that?

Nadine: Exactly what it sounded like.

Chloe: What the hell are they doing?

Nadine: Taking shortcuts.

Chloe: I'll be damned. Oh wow. The kings ushered their people into these tunnels.

Nadine: What?

Chloe: We didn't find the entrance... we found the back door.Okay. Looks like a stepwell. You don't care...

Nadine: Sh. You hear that?

Chloe: Now I do. Don't mind us. Shh-tt-tt-tt. What is that?

Nadine: Whatever it is, it's close.

Chloe: (gasps) Oh no. Easy, girl. Easy… Oh... Hey, hey, hey, hey, it's okay.

Nadine: She's trapped. But I don't think she's wounded.

Chloe: Those explosions we heard must've triggered the collapse. Easy, girl. Sh, sh, sh... It's okay. Sorry, girl… we're gonna get you out.

Chloe: Come on. Just a— just a bit more. Oh! Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! Wait, wait a minute!

Nadine: We need to get down!

Chloe: Just stay calm!

Nadine: Are you talking to me or the elephant?

Chloe: Both! Easy! Easy. Easy does it… Okay, then.

Nadine: Where's it taking us?

Chloe: Wherever it wants. Here, you want some of this? Look, I... um… I'm not very good at the whole people thing.

Nadine: You're a selfish dickhead.

Chloe: Yeah. You're right. I am a selfish dickhead.

Nadine: ]a. It's good to hear you say it.

Chloe: Well, did you hear that, dad? Did get something from you after all.

Nadine: (chuckles) What happened with your father?

Chloe: He was the guy that couldn't walk away. The Ministry of Culture offered to finance... one more of his expeditions. ‘Cause this time, he said he was onto something big. (scoffs) He was always onto something big. But, bandits raided his camp and, um… Local authorities found him weeks later. And this stupid thing is all I have left of him.

Nadine: I'm sorry.

Chloe: Oh, hey – he certainly made his choice.

Nadine: Listen, Frazer. You don't have to—

Chloe: Whoa—!

Nadine: What's it doing?

Chloe: Charging, I think?

Nadine: Tell it to stop!

Chloe: Because I speak elephant?

Nadine: Look at that.

Chloe: Ah… no wonder she was so distressed. Hey; about the whole Sam—

Nadine: Look, I get it, all right? I've got my own shit to sort out as well. Let's not have that stand in the way anymore, hey?

Chloe: Okay. Well, if we accomplish nothing else today, at least we reunited a family.

Nadine: Ja, just keep your distance. They've got a calf with them.

Chloe: Right.

Nadine: Here. I'll take this one.

Chloe: Oh. Okay, thanks.

Nadine: Move over a little. That’s good. Now, reach that way and hold out your hand.

Chloe: What?

Nadine: Much safer way to pet an elephant.

Chloe: Much obliged. Maybe, it's been a while, but... elephants are smaller than I remember.

Nadine: You're probably used to seeing African elephants. These are Indian elephants.

Chloe: What's the difference?

Nadine: Smaller. Smaller ears. Sort of a double-dome on the skull.

Chloe: Nice of Asav to leave some supplies for us.

Nadine: Hm. Load up if you need it.

Chloe: Good call. Up here. Hey— up the stairs. I see light through the water.

Chapter 7: The Lost Legacy[]

Chloe: Hello, Belur. You know, it's not every day you get to see a totally hidden city that nobody else has seen for centuries.

Nadine: Apart from Asav.

Chloe: Apart from Asav.

Nadine: And a few of his men.

Chloe: And a few of his men.

Nadine: You ready?

Chloe: You just – totally crushed that moment. You know that, right? Yeah, I'm ready.

Nadine: How do we get in?

Chloe: Don't know... looks like dwellings along the side... so let's go up.

Insurgent: I don't understand. The other city was far grander. The great treasure is here? The American claims this is the true resting place. Asav's consultant has all of us running around in circles. The boss is not a fool. If the American is lying to us, he'll pay dearly for it. It's an insult. A Westerner knows nothing we don't.

Chloe: So far, so good...

Nadine: Frazer— more of them.

Chloe: Shit! Shit!

Nadine: Good one.

Chloe: Oh, shit! Who invited him to this party?

Nadine: And he's down. I hit him! (sighs) All clear.

Chloe: Right. Back to it. Ah, let's see where this goes.

Nadine: Out here again.

Chloe: Must be a way into the city somewhere. Whoa.

Nadine: Up there.

Chloe: Guess Asav couldn't find an entrance, so he mad his own. You'd think Asav would have more respect for this place.

Nadine: Asav only respects Asav. Never thought I'd see a place more spectacular than Halebidu.

Chloe: It's a shame, in a way, that Belur's hidden from the world.

Nadine: Well, now we know why. That another god?

Chloe: I’m guessing it's one of the Hoysala kings.

Nadine: How many kings did they have in their day?

Chloe: Eleven. The young king was the last in their line.

Nadine: Well, his plan worked – he saved this city from the Persians.

Chloe: Oh. Bum. We were just here.

Nadine: Aim for the ledge above the falls!

Chloe: Ah, very good. There we go. Up this way!

Nadine: lust keeps getting more and more spectacular.

Chloe: And in case there was any doubt this was Belur... Lord Shiva.

Nadine: Plus Nandi. And I’m guessing that’s Ganesh? At least before he got his elephant’s head.

Chloe: Could be. Might also be Kartikeya, Shiva's elder son. He's the Hindu god of war.

Nadine: Sounds like they chose different paths.

Chloe: Damn it. They‘ve blown the entrance.

Nadine: That must've been the explosion we heard.

Chloe: Gotta be another way in. (coughs) In here, Nadine. Ugh. (coughs) Tastes great.

Insurgent: Hurry up. We need to catch up to the others.

Nadine: Company ahead.

Chloe: I see ’em.

Insurgent: Done. Let's go.

Nadine: Aah!

Chloe: Damn it!

Nadine: Shit. They've blocked us again.

Chloe: It's a big city. There must be another way through.

Nadine: What is this place? A bath?

Chloe: Or a well. Possibly both. Bit deeper here.

Nadine: Look up. We're in some kind of cenote. Frazer. Over here.

Chloe: Coming. Huh, look there—.the queen and her handmaidens. Maybe these were the royal baths. Nadine: Some statues of women for a change.

Chloe: Women actually played a big role in Hoysala society, particularly the queens.

Nadine: Not surprised, with the kings and men going off to fight all the time.

Chloe: They were also involved in the fine arts, poetry, music, that sort of thing. Belur was their city, in a way. Well, what on earth is this?

Nadine: What is it?

Chloe: Ancient Kannada script. Looks like stanzas. Could be poetry.

Nadine: This place a library?

Chloe: Seems so.

Nadine: That a sitar?

Chloe: Veena. It's the sitar's distant ancestor. Maybe they gave performances in here.

Nadine: Frazer— over here.

Chloe: Whoa.

Nadine: Look at this.

Chloe: It’s incredible. It's an altar of some kind.

Nadine: Looks like the kings suffered dearly for their people.

Chloe: They weren't just protecting the Tusk. Historians believed that It was a symbol of power and dominance but… I reckon they misunderstood. It was a symbol of their people. Their culture. It was a symbol of them.

Nadine: Wait, so what are these?

Chloe: My dad was here. (chuckles) “Something big,” all right. Why didn't that stupid bastard tell me?

Nadine: You said it yourself— he wanted to keep you safe.

Chloe: I can't let Asav get that Tusk.

Nadine: No. No, we can't.

Chloe: Thank you.

Nadine: Thank me after we get out of this alive.

Chloe: (laughs) Fair point.

Nadine: Don't forget Ganesh.

Chloe: Ah. Glad I brought these. Through here. Oh… magnificent.

Nadine: All this grandeur, hidden away from the world.

Chloe: But how do get over there? Come on! It's deep enough! Okay… That's our way back in.

Nadine: Copy that.

Chloe: Whoa!

Nadine: Thanks for going first, hey.

Chloe: You're welcome.

Nadine: Hey. You all right?

Chloe: Sorry, I just— need to get my head back in the game and I’ll be— Hey! Nadine Ross! Oh my god. What the hell?!

Nadine: (laughs) Your head back in the game now?

Chloe: Ah, smart ass!

Nadine: Ready?

Chloe: I've got my eye on you. Kind of a tight squeeze here. Oh, hello. Nice city you've got here.

Nadine: We can swing over now.

Chloe: Huh. Whole place is flooded.

Nadine: Top of a doorway over here.

Chloe: That'll work. Ookay, easy does it.

Nadine: Agh...

Chloe: What?

Nadine: Got water in my ears.

Chloe: I hate that.

Nadine: What I wouldn't give for a towel. My god! Are you seeing this?

Chloe: You know… at this point, I’ve run out of words.

Nadine: Holy god damn shit.

Chloe: Those work.

Nadine: What on earth is this place?

Chloe: Throne room? Place to hide a magnificent bejeweled tusk?

Nadine: Let's hope so. I see stairs going up... but they're mostly broken.

Chloe: We'll have to find another way up. Shit. I just realized something.

Nadine: I think I know what it is.

Chloe: That we're gonna to need that disc soon?

Nadine: Exactly.

Chloe: Well, not much we can do until we find Asav.

Nadine: Or until he finds us.

Chloe: Over here, Nadine.

Nadine: Copy that.

Chloe: Ah. Now we're getting somewhere.

Nadine: I see a few more of those cranks around the chamber.

Chloe: I'll give this a spin.

Nadine: The hand is moving!

Chloe: Be more specific?

Nadine: Right hand. Lower. Right hand. Maybe it's because this statue's enormous, but I just now noticed Shiva's got a king cobra for a necklace. Okay. Now what?

Chloe: Well, there's gotta be more to this. Just need to figure out what it is...

Nadine: There are handholds on the other side of those windows.

Chloe: Cool. Ah-ha. Here we go. Okay. I've got this one. Bringing down Shiva's drum... Oh. We'd better get a move on.

Chloe: C'mon! Jump to the drum!

Nadine: Thought it was an hourglass!

Chloe: It's an hourglass-shaped drum! Hey... hey now!

Nadine: Grab on to something!

Chloe: Okay... steady... Oh. And we're good. Time to go see what's up there.

Nadine: Just don't get us killed.

Chloe: Not up to me.

Nadine: Water.

Chloe: Oh. Huh.

Nadine: It's running all the way down to the hand.

Chloe: That's cool. Bet I need to do the same on the other side.

Nadine: Safe bet. I'll wait here.

Chloe: Sure thing. Ah. There's another crank up ahead. Damn, that's crazy.

Nadine: Are you doing that?

Chloe: No, ah, the statue's come to life!

Nadine: (chuckles) That's what I thought!

Chloe: Whoa! I gotta move! Damn it. Gotta try again. No going back now... Oh no. Ohhhh no, no, no, no, no...

Nadine: Hang on

Chloe: Oh, good suggestion! Ah. That was a close one. Nearly destroyed my pants. Wow. I can see my house from here.

Chloe: All right, then... There we go...

Nadine: Fancy meeting you here.

Chloe: Yeah, let's see what's up there, shall we?

Nadine: Is that it?

Chloe: We'll find out in a moment.

Nadine: That sounds promising.

Chloe: Yeah. The third eye of Shiva... (chuckles) The light is shining on that statue across the way.

Nadine: (sighs) Guess we're not done.

Chloe: When The Hoysala want to protect something, they don’t do it halfway. C’mon. Now... what's all this, then? Ahh. Here we go.

Nadine: That thing it's holding— it's a prism. That looks right.

Chloe: Yeah. Now... we tend to the other two.

Nadine: You were right.

Chloe: ’Course I was. About what?

Nadine: What you said, back in that place with all the statues and axes. Things always come in threes. Three points of a trident. The light's split into three beams.

Nadine: Look up – the statue's not in the right place.

Chloe: Ah, right. Got it. Well, shit. This one's busted.

Nadine: Let me see. Hang on.

Chloe: You got that?

Nadine: Ja. There.

Chloe: You make a phenomenal statue.

Nadine: Get over there. This thing's heavy.

Chloe: Right. (sighs) Okay, that did something.

Nadine: So I can put this down?

Chloe: No, wait for it...

Nadine: What's happening? I can't see from over here.

Chloe: Just hold still for just a sec... All this ,water. It's a cleansing ritual.

Nadine: What's happening?

Chloe: Oh! You can put down the mirror now! You can put down the mirror now!

Nadine: Oh shit. They've found us! Get ready!

Chloe: Shit! Oh, no, no, no!

Nadine: Chloe! Get up here! You good?

Chloe: Good enough! Go!

Nadine: We need to get out of here!

Chloe: We need the disc!

Nadine: Priorities! Get back! (sighs) Not so tough, hey?

Chloe: Ah, shit! Quit it, you guys!

Nadine: Just move! He's done. There! The door's just ahead! Good shot.

Chloe: Whoa!

Nadine: Get up! Come on!

Chloe: Trying! No!

Nadine: Oh, shit!

Chloe: Aaaah!

Nadine: Aaaah!

Chloe: (coughs)

Nadine: (coughs)

Asav: Well, now that was quite the fall, you had me worried. Come. It's time for a reunion. He wouldn't give you up— despite my efforts to persuade him.

Chloe: Oh, Sam… Jesus.

Sam: Hey, you made it.

Chloe: Dude.

Sam: It’s all right. He hits like a girl.

Nadine: Is that right? How about we get these cuffs off and I'll show you how girls hit?

Sam: What the hell is she doing here?

Chloe: You said find help? I find help.

Sam: Yeah, but—

Asav: I must admit— you are quite the schemer. First, you steal my disc. Then you have your “expert” run me around in circles. (chuckles) That's clever. Perhaps there's a little Indian blood in you after all.

Chloe: Sure. I'll take the credit.

Sam: Huh.

Asav: Well... Let's finish what we started.

Sam: All right. All right. So. Nadine Ross.

Nadine: Don't talk to me.

Sam: (chuckles) I was going to say you look good.

Nadine: Was I not clear? (scoffs) What's that smell?

Sam: Oh, I'm sorry. I haven't exactly had access to running water and soap recently. God. All the, people you could've brought with you. (laughs)

Chloe: She saved my ass more than once, you know.

Sam: You do remember that, ah, she also tried to kill Nathan and I, many, many times?

Chloe: And to be fair, you two tried to do the same to her.

Sam: A— Yeah, but that— that's not the point. The point is, that the second we turn our backs, there will be a knife in there.

Nadine: I can hear every word you're saying.

Sam: I know.

Chloe: I... trust her.

Sam: (laughs) You— you know what? Fine. I guess I'm just a little bit irked that we are walking away with nothing. But I guess you know what that's like, right? (chuckles) Oof!

Chloe: Oh, my—

Sam: Real classy, thank you.

Chloe: Time and place, children.

Nadine: More where that came from.

Sam: Bike racks, after school.

Chloe: (sighs)

Asav: Just hurry up. (chuckles)

Sam: Whoa... That's ominous.

Asav: It appears the kings have one final test.

Chloe: Looks like you won't be needing us though. So, we'll just be on our way.

Asav: Oh, on the contrary. Surely you know this story? (chuckles) Shiva gave Parashurama the mighty axe— that struck Ganesh in the face— bringing Shiva’s son, one of the greatest gods, to his knees. Another casualty of war.

Nadine: Don't.

Sam: Yeah, seriously, Chloe, he's just gonna kill—

Asav: He's right. But if you refuse... You will watch them die inch by inch.

Chloe: All right!

Sam: Chloe, don't!

Chloe: Whew, okay. Let's see what we got. Huh. Nothing over here.

Asav: You'd better not be stalling.

Chloe: Parashurama and Ganesh. Shiva and Parashurama. What now?

Sam: Chloe— don't give this schmuck what he wants.

Chloe: Wait a minute. He's yielding.

Nadine: The axe— it's going to fall.

Asav: Quiet.

Chloe: Ganesh. Quite an obstacle you've placed in my path.

Asav: What are you doing?

Chloe: Shut up and watch.

Nadine: Chloe— you sure that's it?

Chloe: He yielded.

Asav: Huh?

Nadine: Are you all right?

Chloe: Yeah. That was unexpected.

Sam: Holy shit. She's got balls, huh?

Asav: Ah... I... I don't understand.

Sam: It's an idiom.

Chloe: That's because you've got it all twisted, my friend. Ganesh allowed himself to be struck by the axe.

Asav: (scoffs) That makes no sense.

Chloe: Not to a selfish prick, no. You see, Ganesh could've defeated Parashurama easily— but if he had, that would've made Shiva's axe look weak. Powerless.

Nadine: Ganesh sacrificed himself to preserve his father's honor.

Chloe: See? Even she gets it. Not a drop of Indian blood in her.

Asav: (gasp) (chuckles) Magnificent, isn't it? Oh, what? Nothing to say now?

Chloe: Well, if you'd like, I can tell you where to stick it.

Sam: (chuckles)

Asav: Well, my friends... I would love to kill you myself, I would love to kill you myself, but we must not anger the gods for you have brought me a great fortune.

Sam: Okay, then, what are you doing?

Nadine: You're going to flood the chamber.

Asav: I will miss you.

Chloe: Come on, is this really necessary?

Asav: You know nothing is ever truly destroyed, only purified and reborn.

Nadine: Just shoot us and get it over with.

Sam: Right.

Asav: As the water fills your lungs, you will have time to reflect on the choices that brought you here. Perhaps, in your next lives, you will fare better.

Chloe: Prick.

Sam: I don't know about you guys, but I got a lot of regrets swimming around in my head right now.

Nadine: Tell me about it. I was really looking forward to kicking your ass again.

Sam: Hey, you know, I'm not exactly thrilled about drowning next to you either.

Chloe: Could you give it a rest, guys? I'm trying to concentrate.

Nadine: What are you doing?

Chloe: A little preparation goes a long way...

Sam: Ha-ha, yes! Aahhh!

Chloe: Shit!

Nadine: The lockpick!

Chloe: I've got it— hold on! Ah!

Sam: Okay, now do me!

Chloe: Coming!

Sam: Okay— all right!

Chloe: Damn it!

Sam: Ah?

Nadine: Ladies first!

Sam: Ah, Chloe, dear, not to rush you, but... could you please hurry the hell up!

Chloe: Take a deep breath!

Nadine: Everyone good?

Chloe: Little waterlogged.

Sam: (coughing) Doing great. (coughs) I gotta quit smokin'.

Nadine: Down! Think they saw us?

Chloe: Let's hope not.

Nadine: How the hell did Asav get that helicopter?

Sam: Maybe it's the buyers?

Chloe: What do you mean?

Sam: Just overheard Asav talking about... (coughs) heading to the old rail yard, something about an arms deal.

Nadine: He's selling the Tusk.

Chloe: So much for preserving his culture.

Sam: Hey, just, just a second. Listen, uh... Back there... thanks for—

Nadine: Professional courtesy.

Sam: (chuckles) Of course. So. We good?

Nadine: No.

Sam: Ah, figured.

Chloe: If we hurry, we can intercept them before they make the sale. Ha. And there's our ride.

Sam: These are nice.

Nadine: There. Railroad tracks.

Chloe: We'll stop here.

Nadine: Asav will have lookouts throughout the area. Best err on the side of caution.

Sam: Right, right, right. And then we lose the Tusk.

Nadine: You're welcome to stay behind if you'd like.

Chloe: All right, all right, all right, all right. Less talking, more walking.

Chapter 8: Partners[]

Nadine: So all that time in Asav's care, and you couldn't get any intel on the buyers?

Sam: Uh, well, I tried. Asav's a cagey one. Almost never talked shop in front of me.

Nadine: Can't imagine why.

Sam: Hey, he trusted me enough to believe I was an expert in all this Hoy-sah-la crap.

Nadine: Hoysala.

Sam: Yeah, that too.

Chloe: By the way, thanks for keeping him busy for us.

Sam: Yeah. You know I wanted to... buy you some time. In case... you were coming to get me.

Chloe: Of course we were.

Sam: Seriously, thanks. I thought I was a goner.

Chloe: I wouldn't let that happen. Your brother would never let me hear the end of it. Found the train tracks... sort of. Kind of a shock, seeing all these modern structures after the Hoysala ruins.

Sam: Well that's either British, or Portuguese. 1800s. So not quite modern. Shit, you hear that?

Nadine: Chopper!

Chloe: It's circling.

Nadine: Asav thinks we‘re dead. Let's try to keep it that way.

Sam: So, Nadine...

Nadine: We're not on a first-name basis.

Sam: Okay, fine. I heard you worked for Asav, too? How'd ah... how'd you deal with the torture?

Nadine: Wha— What do you mean? Did he torture you?

Sam: Oh, yeah. Wouldn't stop talking about himself or his cause. It's like, I get it, man. You don't have to sell me on it. I'm just here to make some scratch.

Nadine: Can't stand it when people prattle on incessantly.

Sam: Yeah, I know, right?

Chloe: Here we go.

Nadine: Copy that.

Chloe: Should've packed my machete. Little help?

Nadine: No problem. Go ahead.

Chloe: No, no. You first.

Sam: Much obliged.

Chloe: Wow.

Nadine: Frazer!

Chloe: Ugh, yes! Ha ha! Holy shit.

Sam: Chloe?!

Nadine: You there?

Chloe: It's okay! I'm okay!

Nadine: I'm right behind you!

Chloe: Hah! That was close. Hey... where's Sam?

Nadine: Don't think he has a rope.

Chloe: Oh, right. Forgot about that.

Nadine: He can sort it out.

Chloe: Sam? Where are you?

Sam: I'm coming! Oh, hey look! You're back.

Chloe: Hey, this might do the trick. Holy mother of shit, this is heavy.

Nadine: Damn, you weren't joking.

Chloe: I never joke... About anything.

Sam: Y'know, one of you could've just let me borrow your rope, but... Ah! Here goes nothin'!

Chloe: Oh shit!

Sam: Aaahh! Ooww…

Chloe: That was close. You in one piece?

Sam: Yeah. Go team.

Nadine: Come on. We're exposed up here.

Sam: Y'know, I feel so much safer with her around.

Chloe: Nadine. See if there's something up there we can use.

Sam: I can do it.

Chloe: No, we're good. Come on, china, I'll give you a boost.

Sam: All right, just... trying to be chivalrous.

Nadine: Just watch and learn.

Chloe: Up you go!

Nadine: Got it.

Sam: Y'see anything up there we can climb on? Like a crate or something?

Nadine: This should work.

Chloe: Huh... nice.

Sam: Got it.

Nadine: Come on up.

Chloe: Go ahead, Sam. Age before beauty.

Sam: Ah, you're too kind.

Nadine: No. She's just worried I'd kick it over and leave you down here.

Sam: Right. Ah... how about I scout ahead a little?

Nadine: I wouldn't really leave him.

Chloe: Yeah, well, play nicer. Sam, see a way forward.

Sam: Eh, sorta-— we'll uh, definitely need your grappling hooks.

Chloe: Okie doke! On my way. Whoa!

Sam: Chloe!

Chloe: Oh, shit! Oh... Okay.

Nadine: You all right?

Chloe: Yeah.

Sam: Great. I'll just borrow Nadine's hook and—

Nadine: I have a better idea. Don't move.

Sam: What re you oh— ow! Come on— hey!

Nadine: I said, don't move.

Sam: Unbelievable. Hey, Chloe, can I borrow your rope?

Chloe: Don't mind me. Sorry.

Sam: Yeah, yeah just leave the rope for me, please.

Nadine: There's a cave up there. Might cut through to the tracks.

Sam: I take it she's going first.

Chloe: Why don't you go ahead, leave the rope for me.

Sam: You got it.

Chloe: Next time, bring your own bloody rope!

Sam: Heads up!

Chloe: Okay...

Sam: What is this pla—

Chloe: Shh.

Mercenary: Just hope we get paid this time.

Sam: All right, well, there's only a few of them, we can probably—

Mercenary: What an operation, eh?

Nadine: Waits.

Mercenary: That Asav guy doesn’t do things half way. It's going to be quite a show.

Nadine: (sighs) Son of a bitch.

Sam: Shoreline? What the hell are they doing? We got rid of all these guys.

Chloe: Hey, Sam...

Sam: Just saying...

Chloe: Hey... you cool?

Nadine: Ja, I'm cool.

Chloe: 'Cause I need you to be cool.

Nadine: I'm cool.

Sam: All right, ladies. Here's what we're gonna do. I'm gonna take the guy on the right. You two go ahead and just—

Chloe: Shit. She said she was cool! Whoa!

Nadine: Did you like my improvisation?

Chloe: Yeah, gold star for you!

Sam: Take cover!

Nadine: Hands off!

Sam: Got 'em!

Nadine: Reinforcements, inbound! Here we go... Frazer, move! Stay down, asshole.

Chloe: Bloody Hell.

Nadine: Nice shot.

Sam: Oh shit! Watch the shotgun!

Nadine: Good aim.

Sam: Okay... I think that's the last of ‘em.

Chloe: Uhhh, Nadine. Can I have a word?

Nadine: What? Just following your example.

Chloe: Yeah... but—

Nadine: Come on. No way I'm letting anyone from Shoreline get the Tusk.

Sam: That RPG trashed the exit.

Chloe: Hm... I think we can squeeze through here. Gimme a hand?

Nadine: Coming. Frazer— you go first.

Chloe: Thanks.

Sam: How you doing in there?

Chloe: Good. We're nearly to the rail yard. Shouldn't be long now. Okay... Okay. Aagh!

Sam: Oh, shit! Chloe!

Chloe: Oh god, oh god, oh god— shit! (sighs) Was that trip really necessary? Okay... now then... Nearly to the rail yard...

Sam: God's balls, she's alive! Ha ha! Nadine, she's over here!

Nadine: Are you all right down there?

Chloe: Yeah, I was fine until Sam made me picture God's balls. Where are you?

Sam: By the radio tower. Nadine, do you see a way up?

Nadine: Frazer, we'll find something you can hook your rope to.

Chloe: Ah, sounds like a plan.

Nadine: Got something for you.

Sam: Brace that against that strut.

Nadine: I'm doing it. Okay, coming up.

Chloe: That doesn't sound good!

Nadine: It's buckling!

Chloe: Jesus!

Nadine: Climb, quickly!

Chloe: Shit. Shit. Shit, shit, shit...

Sam: Get up here! Go, go, go!

Nadine: Sam, hold onto that bar! Oh shit. Well, it looked sturdy enough.

Chloe: Thanks, you two. Well done.

Sam: Yeah, not bad... considering it was her idea.

Nadine: (chuckles) So, you never heard Asav talk about Shoreline?

Sam: Swear to God. All I'd heard from his men was the Indian army had cut off his supply chain and they were looking for outside help.

Nadine: (scoffs) Asav must be desperate.

Sam: (scoffs) Yeah, and I mean Shoreline's willing to take money from anyone. I— I mean...

Nadine: Forget it. It's true.

Chloe: It's stuck. Lend me a hand?

Nadine: Sure.

Chloe: Here. We can use this to get up that wall.

Nadine: Let me help.

Chloe: Ah, stuck. Need to switch the tracks. There we go. Ah. Track's lined up now.

Sam: Hey, you know, this might actually work.

Nadine: You know you could help. If you wanted.

Sam: Nah, that's all right, you two got it.

Chloe: Ah. Track's lined up now. Back to the cart.

Sam: Almost there...

Chloe: Oh, shit! Look out!

Nadine: Fine.

Sam: Uh, yeah. So much for our way up, though.

Chloe: Yeah, maybe there's a way through though. Nope! No good! The way through here is blocked.

Sam: Ahh, great.

Nadine: Little high.

Chloe: Sam. Bet you're tall enough to get that ladder. Come on, I'll boost you up.

Nadine: I'll give you a hand.

Chloe: The more the merrier.

Sam: Yeah, I'm... I'm... I'm... I'm okay with this, sure.

Chloe: Ready when you are.

Nadine: Heavier than he looks...

Sam: Oh, shit! Sorry. (laughs)

Nadine: Great.

Chloe: Any spare ladders up there, by any chance, Sam?

Sam: I will look around.

Chloe: Been a crazy couple of days, hasn't it?

Nadine: Yeah, well... can't say I was expecting Sam Drake to come back into my life.

Chloe: You know... I wasn't sure if I could trust you either. Had to test you a little bit.

Nadine: Hm. That include making me wait two hours in a war zone for you? Certainly tested my patience.

Chloe: See, in that instance, I was just straight up late. There was this little girl in the market who sold me a scarf. She wouldn't take no for an answer.

Nadine: Pfff. Likely story.

Sam: Hey, uh you two head back to the tracks. I found something here that'll work.

Chloe: Yup! Coming! Okay, Sam. What'd you got?

Sam: I have found a crate!

Chloe: Of ‘course you did!

Sam: Here, I'll push-It down.

Nadine: Wait! It won't be high enough on its own.

Sam: Oh, right, good point. Uhh…

Nadine: We'll bring the cart over. We'll meet you halfway.

Sam: There ya go! That's using the ol' noodle.

Nadine: The what?

Sam: It's a— Your bra— The noodle, it's a saying, as in your brain.

Nadine: That is not what I pictured.

Sam: It was a compliment, for chrissakes.

Chloe: There we go... Old switcheroo.

Sam: You two are doing just great down there.

Chloe: Okay, ready.

Sam: You got it. Bombs away!

Chloe: Perfect. Let's go.

Sam: All right, come on up. Your turn, Ms. Ross.

Nadine: Ugh, don't call me that.

Sam: Yeah, well it's "professional courtesy."

Nadine: Well, in that case, call me "Ma'am."

Sam: (laughs) Yeah, no, I can't— I can't do that.

Chloe: Look. We're nearly there. Sam, you can use my rope.

Nadine: Go ahead. He can use mine.

Sam: I'm part of the rope club, I'm honored.

Chloe: It's clear. Come on.

Sam: Here, I got your rope.

Nadine: Thanks.

Sam: Well, this just keeps getting better and better. Between Asav’s men and Shoreline, there must be at least a couple dozen guys in there.

Nadine: Hang on. What's in that crate?

Sam: (sighs) Guns... ammo, maybe?

Nadine: (sighs) Maybe.

Sam: I thought Shoreline didn't do arms deals.

Nadine: We— they didn't.

Chloe: Never mind the crate, where's the Tusk?

Nadine: (sighs) Orca.

Chloe: Who?

Nadine: My former lieutenant.

Sam: (laughs) I remember this guy. Yeah, there he is in all of his mullet glory.

Sam: Right? Ahh. She gets it.

Nadine: (chuckles) Your boy, Orca, has the Tusk. Let's go relieve him of it. What about a plan guys? Like I said, there's over a couple dozen guys in there. Relax. You’ll live longer.

Chloe: I’m so proud.

Sam: What just happened?

Orca: Safeties off, chappies! No word from our lookouts, so we're on cleanup. Take extra care with Ms. Ross.

Mercenary: Roger that.

Chloe: Oh, great. The chopper's airborne.

Sam: Well, there goes our Tusk...

Nadine: No. They'll stick around to clean house first.

Sam: Cl- You mean, us.

Chloe: Let‘s bring that sucker down. Shit. Bullets aren't doing a damn thing!

Sam: Well, shit.

Orca: Take them out!

Nadine: Sniper! Get down!

Orca: I want a search started. Now!

Orca: God damn it, does anybody have anything? They're still here, God damn it!

Sam: To the right.

Nadine: Nice timing.

Orca: Take them!

Sam: Good shot there, Chloe!

Orca: Put them down!

Chloe: Son of a-!

Sam: All right, you got him!

Nadine: Oh shit! Get down!

Chloe: Yes!

Orca: Son of a bitch!

Sam: Hit it again! More goons incoming! We' re not in the clear yet!

Orca: Somebody shoot them!

Sam: Don't give up easy, do they?

Orca: Hey. Any sign of them?

Orca: Howzit, you got anything?

Sam: Nice shot, Chloe.

Nadine: Blow that bastard out of the sky! Look for explosives— C4, RPG, anything!

Sam: Hey, up there.

Nadine: I think we lost them.

Orca: How are they sti I alive? Someone get a barrel on them!

Sam: Yeah! Oh, ah...? Damn, how are they still flying?

Nadine: What—? The armor's holding!

Sam: Heads up, I'm not seeing any more explosives! Ah, we got a plan B here?

Nadine: We can't let Orca get away!

Sam: There's gotta be something we can do!

Chloe: Oh come on!

Nadine: Frazer! I bet we could hook our ropes onto the helicopter!

Chloe: Uh... you think that's safe?

Nadine: Of course not! C'mon!

Sam: Above us. I got him!

Nadine: Look! We can try hooking our ropes onto the helicopter!

Chloe: That’s crazy! Let’s do it!

Nadine: The chopper's on us!

Chloe: Here goes nothing! Hoooly shit! Ha ha!

Nadine: Got it!

Chloe: Get to the door! Gere we go! Ready?

Orca: Hey!

Chloe: Oh, hi!

Orca: Hands of! Enough!

Nadine: Hey! Asshole!

Orca: Shit!

Chloe: Oh God!

Nadine: Holy shit!

Chloe: Jesus! Get the Tusk before it melts! Whoa— Whoa!

Nadine: Careful!

Orca: (sighs) Ma'am. Well, you're looking well.

Nadine: What the hell have you done with my company?

Orca: Made it profitable, for starters.

Chloe: Think that was a rhetorical question, love.

Nadine: I should've shot you back on that godforsaken island.

Orca: I wish you had. Would've spared us the sight of watching you turn tail and run.

Sam: All right, just— just— hash your shit out on your own time, okay? Uh... Tusk, please?

Orca: You two? Partners? (chuckles) Either you've got a piss-poor memory or you're even more desperate than I thought.

Sam: Jeez, I'm just getting it from all sides today, aren't I?

Nadine: I'm not the one reduced to hustling weapons to ragtag insurgents.

Orca: Ah, there It Is, eh? There it is. Always thinking too small. You really think I would’ve traded this in exchange for munitions?

Nadine: I don't give a shit. Hand over the Tusk.

Orca: Hell's bells. You're gonna miss the fireworks, man.

Nadine: I won't ask twice.

Orca: (sighs) Fine.

Sam: Gun! Nice shot.

Nadine: Thanks.

Sam: Pattern's a little wide—

Nadine: Get the hell off me.

Sam: Yep, all right.

Chloe: Hey.

Sam: You mind if— I see that for a sec— Umm. Hi, a third of that is mine as well.

Nadine: You’re splitting Chloe’s share.

Sam: Okay – know you're new to this, but that's not exactly how it works—

Nadine: Consider it a service charge.

Sam: Hey, you hang on a goddamned second.

Chloe: It's a bomb.

Sam: Thi— What?

Chloe: Oh my god. Asav traded the Tusk for a bomb.

Nadine: Fireworks.

Sam: Thi— thi— this, this is big.

Chloe: Yeah. Those tracks run right through the city. Through the market.

Nadine: So, we'll find the nearest town. Notify the authorities.

Chloe: It'll be too late. If that goes off, it'll kill thousands.

Sam: And am is a terrible shame... but we did get what we came for. I—

Nadine: What? You are not seriously going after that train. Okay, fine. Fine, you have a plan?

Sam: Doesn't seem to be much of a requirement in this organization.

Nadine: Are you really going toilet her do this?

Sam: No, I’m… I mean she's got a... valid point... Shit, I don't know, okay?

Nadine: This is not our fight. You said so yourself. Even if you catch that train, what happens? Disarming the bomb is impossible.

Chloe: You're right.

Nadine: Good. Good, so we'll... we'll call the authorities and—

Chloe: This isn't our fight. It's my fight. That bomb detonates in the city, it'll spark civil war. I can't walk away. I'm tired of walking away.

Nadine: You'll die.

Chloe: I can live with that. Hey… save my share of the Tusk, ’kay? Just in case, right?

Sam: What? You're not gonna leave me back there with her.

Nadine: Out.

Sam: No.

Nadine: I call shotgun.

Sam: Ah— Fine. I'll sit m the back.

Nadine: What?

Chapter 9: End of the Line[]

Nadine: Right. Follow the bridge!

Sam: Anyone see a road, anywhere?

Chloe: I make my own roads.

Sam: Well, keep your eyes on your road, then.

Chloe: Hey, Sam, did you want to drive?

Sam: I mean, kinda.

Chloe: Too bad. Buckle up, buttercup.

Sam: Whoa!

Nadine: Glad this isn't my car.

Sam: Shit. Motorbikes!

Nadine: Run them off the road!

Chloe: Hey, no one-rides for free!

Sam: Shake this asshole loose!

Nadine: No hitchhikers!

Chloe: Out of my way!

Sam: There! I see the train, we're gaining on it!

Sam: The train! There's the train!

Chloe: Sam, take care of the Tusk!

Sam: Don't you worry!

Nadine: Get closer and I can jump aboard!

Chloe: You got it!

Nadine: Come on, I'll pull you aboard!

Sam: I got it, I got it! Go get 'em ladies!

Chloe: Good luck, mate.

Nadine: Think he'll be all right?

Chloe: Didn't know you cared.

Nadine: Well, he's got the Tusk.

Chloe: Hey. Did you catch where they put that giant crate?

Nadine: Near the engine.

Chloe: Right. That's our next stop, then.

Nadine: Shit. Nowhere to climb.

Chloe: Over here.

Nadine: Mind your step.

Chloe: Yup. Let's try the other side. Whoa. Easy now. Okay, good, making progress. Out here! Oh, shit. Company's here.

Nadine: Asav's guys. Well, we still have the element of surprise.

Insurgent: This is crazy. We should just let them die.

Insurgent: I don't see anyone. He's wasting our time.

Nadine: I must say, I'm impressed. You'd make a fine mercenary. We’re spotted!

Insurgent: I should toss you onto the tracks right now.

Nadine: Right. Incoming! More motorcycles! 4x4s inbound!

Chloe: You got any good news?!

Nadine: No!

Chloe: Thought I'd ask!

Nadine: We're running out of time! We need a faster way forward! Damn it! I can't climb up that tanker!

Chloe: There must be a way around!

Nadine: Good aim.

Chloe: There must be a way around!

Nadine: Not seeing one... We could use one of their 4x4s!

Chloe: I like your thinking!

Nadine: This thing's gonna blow!

Chloe: Made it! That was bracing.

Nadine: That was... something.

Chloe: Blocked again!

Nadine: Shit! We need to go around! Nice shot. Chloe, watch out! They've got a mounted gun!

Chloe: Keep your head down!

Nadine: Frazer, take cover!

Chloe: Okay, this is really dangerous. Okay— any thoughts on how to get on that truck?

Nadine: Get close enough and we can grapple to it!

Chloe: Are you joking?

Nadine: Do I ever? Let's do this!

Chloe: Nadine!

Nadine: Argh, shit!

Chloe: Time for a new ride!

Nadine: You got him.

Chloe: My turn. Oh my god! Ah! Whoa... (coughs) Whoa... (coughs) Okay. Wh— whoa, holy hell!

Nadine: I've got his, attention! Move in! More vehicles coming, on the other side! Need me to do that?

Chloe: Nope!

Nadine: But I want to shoot the big gun.

Chloe: Maybe next time!

Nadine: They won’t let up!

Chloe: Oh, shit!

Nadine: Oh! Damn it!

Chloe: He doesn't look happy!

Nadine: And he's got a huge gun! Holy shit. Did we do that?

Chloe: Yeah, we did!

Nadine: Right. This truck's on its last legs!

Chloe: We need to bail— now! God. Whose stupid idea was this?

Nadine: Yours.

Chloe: Right.

Nadine: Trading the Tusk for a bomb... commandeering a train… must've taken Asav months to plan this.

Chloe: Making it all the sweeter when we bollocks it all up. I think we're almost there! Won't budge!

Nadine: Let me help! Uh, this is really heavy.

Chloe: Go, I got it.

Nadine: Okay. Your turn.

Chloe: Ta! Whoa. It's way bigger in person.

Nadine: Well, it's military grade, all right.

Chloe: Here— Help me! Oh God.

Nadine: It's too heavy!

Chloe: You can't disarm it?

Nadine: lt'd detonate if I tried!

Chloe: All right, Plan B, then. Let's get to the engine!

Nadine: You coming?

Chloe: Okay, you go.

Nadine: Okay/

Chloe: That's definitely the engine. We can slide this way. Come on. No. No, no, no.

Nadine: What’s wrong?

Chloe: They’ve wielded it shut!

Nadine: Shit.

Chloe: Hey! Roof hatch! Don't think about what you're doing, just do it. Come on!

Nadine: Any luck?

Chloe: This one's welded shut too!

Nadine: There must be another way.

Chloe: Agh, if you've got any ideas, I'm all ears.

Nadine: A switch!

Chloe: What?

Nadine: Up ahead— a switch house. If we can get to it, we can divert the train, buy us some time!

Chloe: All right, sounds good. Oh, shit! We'll need a ride! Oh shit, Nadine!

Nadine: Go! Just go! Get to the switch!

Chloe: God damn it! You boys just can't leave well enough alone! Don't have much time. Holy hell! Sam! Hey, Sam!

Sam: Holy shit! Hey! How's tricks?

Chloe: We need to switch the train to another track!

Sam: Got it!

Chloe: Sam? Sam!

Sam: Uhh... Where's Nadine?

Chloe: Back on the train— we have to flip the switch!

Sam: Agh! Son of a bitch!

Chloe: We don't have time for this! Shit. Train's getting closer. That's it— we're clear!

Sam: All right, back to the switch!

Chloe: Push!

Sam: C'mon, c'mon, c'mon! We did it!

Chloe: Shit! Nadine! I gotta to get to her.

Sam: Wait, wait, wait, wait. Do we have to? I mean... she seems pretty capable.

Sam: All right, I'm just here to present you some option— Shit!

Chloe: Shit.

Sam: God damn it. Go! I'll keep ’em at bay.

Chloe: Okay.

Sam: All right, assholes, let's do this!

Chloe: Okay. There's the train. But how the hell do I get on board? Can't see any bridges. Or crossings. Well, shit. Oh god. Can't believe that worked. Oh my god, the bridge! Shit. Shit! Oh god!

Nadine: What took you so long?

Chloe: Had to catch a train, love!

Asav: Now, I've always considered myself a patient man. But you two are a special breed of mongrel.

Chloe: Rude.

Nadine: I'm really going to enjoy this.

Chloe: Get him!

Nadine: Do it!

Asav: You'd risk your lives? And for what? A city of peasants?

Chloe: Christ, you're insufferable.

Asav: The blood of the old kings runs through my veins. My people shall rise again. You're nothing but a disappointment!

Nadine: Arrogant ass!

Asav: You shouldn't have come here!

Nadine: Take him out! Thought you were supposed to be good, Asav!

Asav: This is my land! What could you possibly stand to gain?

Chloe: Oh, it's all about what you have to lose!

Asav: The bomb? I'll just buy another. I'll burn your city, thief. Your people will beg me to save them.

Chloe: Nadine!

Asav: Let's finish this! Sh... Don't fight. One should know when they're conquered. Your time ends now!

Chloe: Oh, shit. Nadine, I'm coming!

Asav: And you— now you have a conscience? We could have done so much together.

Chloe: Climb, climb! Going down! Gotta get up! Oh no. No, no, no, no—!

Asav: I know you. You're no hero. My war will destabilize the government. The sheep will need their shepherd. And you will have died in vain! Aagghh! I will die a thousand deaths before I let you win!

Chloe: Oh, shit! Friendly reminder— the bridge!

Asav: Shut up and fight!

Nadine: Let's finish this!

Asav: You piece of shit! You've ruined everything! Everything! My cleansing would have been beautiful! Why didn't you just die?! Aaagh!

Nadine: We're done here!

Asav: You think you've won? More will rise up! Like the young king, you have achieved nothing!

Chloe: It's like you said— progress demands sacrifice.

Nadine: Frazer! We need to go!

Asav: Oh, you smug little shit!

Nadine: Run! Come on! This might be it!

Chloe: Go!

Nadine: Get up, go, go, go.

Chloe: Whoa!

Nadine: Holy shit.

Chloe: Could you possibly start climbing, please.

Sam: Jesus!

Chloe: Oh— Sam!

Sam: All right, climb up, I got you!

Chloe: Oh my god!

Nadine: It's all muscle!

Chloe: That's what they all say.

Sam: C'mon, C'mon, c'mon.

Chloe: Oh, god. Thank you.

Sam: How the hell did you guys get outta that?

Chloe: You know, I'm just still figuring that out myself.

Sam: And, uh... Asav?

Nadine: Went down with his train.

Sam: Yeah, well, couldn’t’ve happened to a nicer guy. Will you look at that. (chuckles)

Chloe: Wow.

Sam: Yep...

Chloe: We just did a thing.

Nadine: We did.

Chloe: So... what’s next for Nadine Ross? Take back Shoreline? Conquer the weapons trade?

Nadine: I'm done with Shoreline.

Sam: Really?

Nadine: Really. If anything, I was thinking I might give this, ah... treasure hunting racket another go. Know of any selfish dickheads who might be in need of a partner?

Sam: All right—

Nadine: Not you.

Sam: Okay.

Chloe: Ah, sorry, I only work with professionals. (laughs)

Nadine: (laughs) Right. Hey, where's the Tusk?

Sam: You got— Oh my god...

Nadine: Wha—

Chloe: Sam.

Sam: I'm just joking. There you go. Your face— OW! Okay. Jesus. That was my last cigarette.

Chloe: Man, that's a beauty.

Nadine: Ja.

Sam: How much ah... how much you think that we're gonna get for that baby?

Chloe: Well... surely the Ministry of Culture will give us a... generous finder's fee.

Sam: Yeah... (chuckles)

Chloe: Right? Partner?

Nadine: (laughs)

Sam: You guys are hilarious. The Ministry of Culture. Oh my god, you're serious.

(After the credits.)

Sam: Um-hmm. I got it. Private collector. Just hear me out for a second. I understand taking the moral high ground and that's great. It really is. I am completely on board for that. But if we could just—

Meenu: Don't ruin the moment.

Nadine: (chuckles)

Chloe: (chuckles)

Sam: (sighs)