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Ganesh FigurineEdit

The InsurgencyEdit

Sterling Silver Cigarette CaseEdit


Bullet WhistleEdit

Military Service LighterEdit

Utility SporkEdit

Traveling InkwellEdit

Tactical CompassEdit


Gupta Empire CoinsEdit

Silver Water JarEdit

Golden Fish StatuetteEdit

Mango Crystal Scent FlaskEdit

The Western GhatsEdit

Trinket BoxEdit

Ancient Stone JarEdit

Stag Horn BoxEdit

Ivory CasketEdit

Hoysala CoinEdit

Nagfani HornEdit

Jade PendantEdit

Metal Tiger ClawsEdit

Rosewood Spice BoxEdit

Medieval Indian Lock and KeyEdit

Jade Archer’s RingEdit

Miniature Bronze CannonEdit

Butterfly TrinketEdit

Engraved Gourd JarEdit

Serpents and LaddersEdit

Leather BinocularsEdit

Hoysala KukriEdit

Inscribed Copper PlateEdit

Silver GobletEdit

The Great BattleEdit

Padouk Tea CaddyEdit

Engraved EwerEdit

Bidri Hookah BowlEdit

Uncharted Gold Cased Ivory DenturesEdit

Palm Leaf ManuscriptEdit

Khanjarli Curved DaggerEdit

The GatekeeperEdit

10th Century Oil BottleEdit

Aged Silver AnkletEdit

Ceremonial Sugar HammerEdit

Raja Raja Gold KahavanuEdit

Agate Gemstone BoxEdit

The Lost LegacyEdit

Lakshmi Marriage OrnamentEdit

Hanuman Brass BellEdit

Enameled Beetle BoxEdit

Jeweled Pipe MouthpieceEdit

Silver Comb Perfume FlaskEdit

Handcarved Sheesham BreadboxEdit

Bronze Deccan Incense BurnerEdit

Satavahana HourglassEdit

Chalukya Griffin CandlestickEdit

Bichwa DaggerEdit

Jadeite BottleEdit

Bronze Medallion FlaskEdit

Harappan Ivory DiceEdit

Bridal Maang TikkaEdit

Ivory Chess PiecesEdit

Gold Chola EarringsEdit


Jeweled Snuff BottleEdit

Brass EwerEdit

Mamluk Brass BowlEdit

Crescent FlaskEdit

Soapstone Jewelry BoxEdit

Peacock Nut CutterEdit

British Powder FlaskEdit

Strange SkullEdit

End of the LineEdit

United India Company PistolEdit

Viceroy's PenboxEdit

United India Company CoinsEdit

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