The Museum is a multiplayer map featured in  Uncharted 2: Among Thieves and revamped into Museum for Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception.

Overview Edit

Description Edit

The Museum is based on the Istanbul Palace Museum, seen in Chapter 2 - Breaking and Entering, veiled in a quiet dusk, adorned by flood lights.

The Museum is a complex map. On the heroes' side of the map is the museum itself, a large pentagonal building which has both an upstairs and a downstairs. The rest of the map is made up of two courtyards, numerous buildings plus many rooftops for players to explore.

Weapon locationsEdit

  • RPG-7
    • Plunder - Laying beside the central fountain.
    • All other gamemodes - To the side of the main courtyard, beneath a large rooftop.
  • Moss-12 - Located at the middle of the small bridge at the back of the map.
  • Desert-5 - Located on the rooftop above the second courtyard.
  • Dragon Sniper - There are two sniper rifles on the map, one located on the rooftop above the RPG-7, and the other located in the sniper tower directly opposite.


  • In Plunder matches on the map, the villains starting spawn and the RPG's spawn both change.


The Museum Panorama

Panorama of The Museum