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The Plaza is a multiplayer map featured in Uncharted 2: Among Thieves and revamped into Plaza for Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception.

Overview Edit

Description Edit

This map is based on Desperate Times from the single-player campaign of the game. It takes place at night time in a war torn section of a Nepalese city. It features a great variety of weapons and unique climbable architecture such as balconies, signs, and ledges for cover and pull down opportunities.

Many buildings have two stories, including the central temple.

Environmental Factors Edit

A Hind D helicopter flies over the Plaza shooting players in its path with its gattling gun and missiles. The Hind D will fly over the map multiple times during the match.

Weapon Locations Edit

  • GAU-19 - found on lying against the laundrymat wall, in the back alley, on the map center line.
  • SAS - 12 - found in the ground pit of the temple in the middle of the map.
  • Dragon Sniper - found in the bed of the truck in front of the laundrymat, on the map center line.
  • M32-Hammer - found in front of the dias steps, on the map center line.
  • Micro - 9mm - two are found on top of a brick wall.
  • Propane Tanks - four exist, two by a wall near the dias steps and two by one story buildings.
  • Grenades - found in one story buildings and barracades near each team's base and on the short wall between temple and truck.
  • FAL - Located near both teams' spawn points.
  • M4 - Located on either side of the temple.
  • Riot Shield - Located near the truck that is in front of the damaged building.
  • Desert - 5 - Located on the ground floor of the damaged building.
  • GAU-19 - Located in the alley behind the destroyed building.

Trivia Edit

  • The Plaza was previously the only map where the players could find the SAS - 12, but a later DLC release of the Siege Expansion Pack provides a SAS - 12 in The Highrise.
  • This map is one of two which features the GAU-19, the other is The Village.
  • The Plaza has the highest amount of grenade spawns out of any map with a total of 10 grenade spawns, split into 5 separate double spawns.
  • The map was available in Pre-Beta of Uncharted 2
  • Ironically, the helicopter attacks seem artificially light since it rarely kills players when contrasted to the heavier helicopter missile attacks in The Highrise.

Image Edit

The Plaza Panorama

Panorama of The Plaza

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