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The Search for El Dorado is the second chapter of Drake's Fortune. After leaving Elena behind on the docks, Nate and Sully began their search for El Dorado in the jungles of Central America.


Following the map in Francis Drake's diary, Nate and Sully trekked through the jungle and arrived at a large open area. Contrary to what Nate's locator told him, there was nothing there, much to Sully's disappointment.

Dead End? 1

The two stumbling upon a dead end

The two continued on, looking around for clues. They then arrived at the entrance of a Pre-Columbian Incan or Mayan temple. With some skillful climbing, Nate was able to spot a way inside. He noticed something unusual about the ground below the temple. Sully walked over to inspect it and found that it was hollow. Nate then proceeded to make his way to the roof and push down a large boulder onto the floor to break it open.

The two then proceeded inside and began exploring the temple. They soon discovered a Spanish helmet, and Nate deduced that the treasure had long ago been taken by the Spanish. Sully became enraged, tossing the helmet down to the floor and mentioning that he needed the treasure to pay off the many debts he has accrued. The two continued their search through the temple. After passing through a chain door, they spotted a brazier, which was found in Drake's notebook. Sully lit it, causing it to flair up and light the lamps lining the ceiling. Just ahead of them was a pile of wooden debris. Nate shot one of the lamps down, causing a spark of fire to fall down and burn the wood down, while the two watched in amazement. Nate then climbed his way down to find a way for Sully to get down as well.

Picked Clean

Nate discovering a Spanish helmet

Once the two have made their way down to the ground floor, they proceeded on through the temple until they came across a puzzle, which consisted of four signs that were to be pressed in the correct order. Nate referred to Drake's journal, finding a page that read, "The order of these signs have some importance." Following the clues in the book, Nate successfully solved the puzzle and unlocked a hidden passage underneath the temple. Nate climbed his way down there and made his way to the other side of the stone door, then blew it open for Sully to get through. They both continued on, and after opening up another chain door, they came across an unstable walkway. Nate began carefully walking along the structure until everything began to crumble. Nate rushed over to the other side as everything came crashing down around him, while Sully waited on the other side. Once Nate safely made it across, Sully made his way across by simply jumping across the fallen structures.
The Golden Man 2

The two searching the room

Following this phenomenon, they realized they were probably getting closer, and they slowly proceeded up the stairs into the main chamber. There they found an empty hollow niche in the back wall where a statue once stood, and realized that El Dorado was not a city of gold, but a golden statue. Sully spotted a carving on a wall depicting what looked like people worshiping the statue. Nate then discovered tracks leading out of the room, and then discerned that the Spanish Conquistadors had dragged the statue out on cut logs. He and Sully followed the tracks out through the back wall of the temple, only to discover that the back wall was blown out by the Spaniards to make a shortcut to get treasure out. Despite this, the two continued on through the jungle, heading up towards a nearby river. Then then caught sight of something that astonished them both—a giant German U-boat stuck within the river.


Follow the river until you come to the waterfall; head right until you enter a wide area where 'the treasure' is supposedly located. Head left from this entrance and then turn right down a narrow passage. As you exit into a wide area with ancient pillars, turn left and head towards the end. Climb up onto some rubble and then turn to face the exit of the narrow passage from whence you came. Jump across the pillars and then turn left, and climb over the fallen debris onto another pillar. After noticing the hollow ground below, turn right and jump onto the next pillar along. Walk onto the slab and it will slip a little, then jump across the gap. Then drop down onto the ledge and shimmy to your left, jumping any gaps between pillars. Then, when you find some rubble opposite you, follow the game's prompts and jump across. Climb up and push the large rock over the edge to smash open an entrance.

The Search for El Dorado gameplay 1

The brazier

Drop down and head into the passage with Sully. After the cutscene, head down the passage away from the entrance and shoot the barrel on the other side of the chasm. Climb up the fallen statue and continue down the passage until you get to a closed door. Pull the chain until Sully offers to help. Once he's opened the door, go through and get behind the small cart to your right. Hold triangle and push it into the gap. After Sully's through, head over to the oddly shaped metal structure in front of you. Follow the game's prompts and Sully will light it. Then continue down the passage and shoot the lantern furthest down to get rid of the wooden debris.

Turn left after going through the doorway and climb onto the stone blocks. Jump to your right and drop when necessary until you come to the end of the blocks. Jump across onto a vine to your right and slide down to the bottom. Run around the debris in front of you until you can see some barrels. Shoot them and then wait for Sully to climb down the revealed ladder. Continue into the next passage and Sully will light another brazier, opening the door in front and closing the one behind.

The Search for El Dorado gameplay 2

"The order of these signs have some importance."

Follow the passage through until you come to a large room with a circle in the middle surrounded by four squares and four pillars. There are four stone blocks located high on the walls, so you have to climb up to get to them. Follow the game's prompts and you will be able to work out the sequence of the buttons you need to push. The order goes: top right, bottom left, top left and bottom right. After you've pushed them in the right order, the circle will open up and reveal a deep pit with a ladder cut out of its side.

Climb down the ladder until you drop onto a ledge; jump around to your left until you can climb up into a passage. Get behind the large stone block and push it into position. Go back to the pit and drop into the water. Swim to your right and climb up onto the ledge. Climb up the left side of the back wall until you get to the top of the large pillar-type stone. Jump to your right onto the ledge and then right again onto the vine. Climb up to the top of the vine and jump into the new room. Shoot the barrels piled up against the door and Sully will come in. Follow the passage until you come to a door with two chains, take one and Sully will take the other. Once opened, an unsafe looking wooden walkway will reveal itself to you.

Walk along until things go awry, then run for your life, jumping over the gaps until you make the final leap to safety. Pull yourself up and watch as Sully takes the easy route. Climb the stairs and enter the final chamber where the statue once was. After the cutscene, exit the temple by following the ruts left behind until you emerge outside. Head left and follow the passage until you emerge to find the oddity of German U-Boat stuck in the rainforest river. Turn right and climb up the rocks until you emerge on level with the U-Boat. The next chapter will begin after the cutscene.