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Trophy: A Speedy Reunion
Beat Chapter 16 - "The Treasure Vault" in less than 7 minutes. Gold

The Treasure Vault is the sixteenth chapter of Drake's Fortune. Nate and Elena ventured deep into the treasure vault, where they encountered Eddy Raja and his pirate crew, and soon realized the truth behind Sir Francis' fate.

Completing the chapter in less than 7 minutes in Drake's Fortune Remastered will unlock the gold trophy A Speedy Reunion.


Nate and Elena entered the vault, a labyrinth of walkways and stairs. Nate noticed that several roman numerals have been engraved into metal plates and set into the ground and walls, each one bearing a directional arrow. Following the roman numerals scrawled on the corner of Francis Drake's map (II, V, VII), he navigated through the vault, along the way spotting strange humanoid forms hopping around in the distance.

As he and Elena ventured through the maze, Eddy Raja and his pirate gang blasted through a door at the back of the vault. Eddy shouted out a reminder to Nate that the "last man alive gets the gold", before ordering his men to kill him and Elena. They fought their way through the pirates, moving upwards as they advanced.

Drake's EndEdit

Drake's End 2

Nate touching Sir Francis' body.

By following a looping flight of wooden stairs, they found themselves in a small room at the top of the vault, where they found the corpse of Francis Drake. Nate approached Drake's corpse, realizing that he never found the treasure and just died in this very spot. Saddened, Nate took off his necklace and slowly dropped it beside Drake's remains, shortly before he and Elena continued to press on.


Treasure vaultEdit

The Treasure Vault gameplay 1

Drake's map of the treasure vault, with the Roman numerals.

Upon going through the tunnel, you and Elena will enter into the large labyrinth of stairs and Roman numerals that is the treasure vault. The key to getting through this vault is following the Roman numerals (II, V, VII) sketched on the corner of Drake's map, which you can bring up shortly when the prompt appears.

You will spot a II with an arrow on the floor as you enter the room a little further. From there, follow the arrow and jump down to the center of the room. Up the stairs is a V with an arrow as well. Follow that path around, and you will be led to some handholds and another V arrow. Climb up and take the stairs, which will lead you to a large lever. Continuously tap Triangle to activate it. This will cause a bunch of gears to start moving, which Elena will point out.

The Treasure Vault gameplay 2

Nate ascending a chain.

Climb the chain that moved closer to a platform, and leap to the handhold on the right to pull yourself up to the platform. Watch out ahead for the deadly spiked lantern rocking back and forth. Follow the II sign and jump down onto the stairs here. Once you reach the top, leap across the gap left, ignoring the first lantern, then shimmy across the ledge to avoid the others. Traverse the wooden walkway to the right, then walk along the steps to reach another II arrow, which directs you towards some more steps. This marks a checkpoint, that way you will not have to at least restart at the first chain you climbed.

The Treasure Vault gameplay 3

Nate faced with a path of deadly rocking lanterns.

This path is laden with deadly swinging lanterns. Time your moves carefully to make it past them safely. Nate will come onto a small, unstable wooden platform. Since it will give out, you will be prompted to tap Circle right away to have Nate drop down safely. From where you land, cut through the corner to reach the VII sign. Dodge the two lanterns, then drop down and leap across until you reach a big wooden structure. Step inside the elevator, and it will drop you downwards. A window above you will then open, and that is where you need to head next according to the V sign. You will need to climb through that window to reach the other side of the gate that Elena is waiting for you to open. To your right is a black chain hanging down the wall. Ascend it, then head left up above. Head inside the second elevator contraption, and it will drop down, opening up the gate and lowering the bridge ahead.


The Treasure Vault gameplay 4

Nate ambushed by his former enemies.

Follow the II to the left of the hall. Head in that direction, and you will be confronted by Eddy's pirates. Since the little rickety fences will provide adequate cover for you, you should take cover here. They will use the same weapons as the mercenaries (the 92FS-9mm pistol, the M4 rifle, and SAS-12 shotgun) which will be far more effective and make them quite a bit easier to shoot down. First, mow down the pirates high up the cliff, and then the ones on the left across the gap before progressing onwards. Once you go up the small stairs, beware of the pirates with the M79s at the far left.

The Treasure Vault gameplay 5

Nate fighting with an M79.

You will spot the II arrow where the grenadiers were. Follow it and jump to the platform to enter into a small room. Exit through the door where the V arrow is. You will then be ambushed again by another grenadier on the left, and a shotgun-wielding pirate on the right behind the staircase. Activate the winch to lower the ladder for Elena, then climb up to the wooden walkway, where another group will ambush you from the stone walkway next to it. Defeat them, then continue up the staircase, after which you only have to fight two more pirates, and one grenadier on the far right. Head up the stairs to the right of the grenadier, which will lead you to the heart of the vault and the next chapter.

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