The Village is a multiplayer map featured in Uncharted 2: Among Thieves and revamped into Village for Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception. The village has also be re-made for Uncharted 4: A Thief's End multiplayer.

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This map is based on Tenzin's Tibetan village in the main campaign of the game. The co-op mission of the same name is not described below, but it follows Cat and Mouse closely.

Environmental factors Edit

  • Tank - Shortly before 14:32 into the match, a tank will fire a cannon warning shot as it approaches the village and the shell explodes in the map's central kiosk. The tank will break through a building, destroy pillars and walls, and exits by smashing through a gate, leaving rubble behind its entrance and exit. The tank fires its machine gun on the closest player and will crush players to death. After emerging from the entrance, the hole in the building wall reveals a RPG-7 on the ground; it only appears once during the match.

Weather conditions Edit

  • Rain - Although it is a sunny, overcast day, light rain begins during the match.

Weapon locations Edit

  • M32-Hammer - found under a tower, on the center line of the map.
  • GAU-19 - lies beside a hut, on the center line of the map.
  • Dragon Sniper - spawns on the roof of two buildings on both sides of the tower. These spots are also commonly used sniper perches/nests.
  • Desert-5 - found on the roof, on the center line of the map.
  • Riot Shield - on the ground floor of the two story building on the map center line
  • Grenades - also found on the ground floor of the two story building and in the courtyard around the tower, both on the center line of the map.
  • Propane Tanks - four are scattered across the map: two found by each team's base, and two are very close to the center line of the map, on each side.
  • Moss-12 - two shot guns are found just outside each team's base.
  • M4 - three machine guns exist, two are also found just outside each team's base, one behind a barricade on the roof of the hut on the center line of the map.
  • RPG-7 - revealed at the tank's emergence in the match.

Trivia Edit

  • If a player fires at the tank, it will direct its fire towards the player.
  • This is one of two maps featuring the GAU-19, the other being The Plaza.
  • The map was available in the Pre-Beta of Uncharted 2.

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The Village Panorama

Panorama of the Village