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  • Hi there!

    I noticed that you have a page with the transcript of this wonderful game, but it is almost empty. In my wiki there is a full transcript of the game dialogs. Can we exchange links? I also have full transcript of the Golden Abyss.

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    • Tbh I'm not sure I see a point in a wiki for scripts... But I suppose it'll be useful enough as a base for our own?

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    • What then is the meaning of movie scripts? Songs lyrics? To write such a script is hard work and I wouldn't want it to become just the "base". I came to you the very first because I consider Wikia as one big site, one big family - if you aren't interested, I'll look for another place.

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    • Eh I've written a few scripts, they're useful for wikis as a way to quickly look up info without having to start the game, as well making it easier to cite/source stuff. If you look through ours you'll notice they're as complete as can be, as they also contain non-cutscene script, such as in-game voiced lines and the like, something that gets overlooked pretty much all the time. That said, a wiki for scripts is just taking the whole thing out of the context of where it belongs and can be used to the most utility. You'd be better off and have a much wider audience if you made scripts for each individual wiki, instead of keeping them on your own.

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