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The Tibetan village is a settlement up in the Himalayan Mountains of Tibet, featured in Among Thieves. Villagers native to Tibet live there along with a Tibetan treasure hunter named Tenzin and his daughter. Nate was brought into the village after being shot and surviving a traincrash, with Elena arriving later to find him. Nate and Tenzin helped save the village from Zoran Lazarević's tank during a siege, and later returned to bury Schäfer after he was taken captive.


In 1939 Karl Schäfer, at near-death, was carried into the village after executing his own Ahnenerbe expedition members to end their search for the Cintamani Stone. Seventy years later, in 2009, Nate was found passed out and being nursed back to health in Tenzin's house, after being shot and surviving the traincrash from "Train-wrecked". Elena Fisher arrived sometime later, although she stayed with Schäfer after learning Nate was still unconscious, which he would be for a few days. He finally awoke in "Where Am I?", and was urged by Tenzin to come with him to Schäfer's. As Drake followed Tenzin through the village, he interacted with several of the local villagers, although he was unable to understand them.

At Schäfer's Nate confessed he wanted to stop fighting Lazarević, although he let the older man convince him to find the remains of expedition and learn the truth of the Stone. After doing so he understood Lazarević had to be stopped, but upon exiting the ice temple he and Tenzin discovered the village was under attack. During "Siege", Zoran Lazarević's soldiers invaded the village in search of the Phurba. Nate, Tenzin, and the villagers (using crossbows), did their best to defend the village, culminating in the destruction of a tank.

Regardless, Schäfer was kidnapped and Lazarević's army drove off with him, and Nate and Elena gave chase in a truck. However, they realized they were too late when they saw Lazarević took Schäfer and took the Phurba. After Zoran's defeat, Nate, Elena, and Chloe returned to the village at the end, with Sullivan visiting, and paid their respects to the deceased Schäfer.


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The Village itself is also used as the level for a Co-op Objective mission titled "The Village". Nate, Elena, and Tenzin must rescue a group of villagers while the village is under siege by Lazarević's soldiers, and includes a fight against a tank, and another against a helicopter.

The location also serves as a recurring multiplayer map in both the second, third, and fourth games. In Among Thieves' multiplayer it is called "The Village", whereas the third and fourth simply call it "Village".

Behind the scenes[]

Naughty Dog co-president Christophe Balestra's children (Theo and Lola) played the roles of the village's children.[1][2]