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The Tibetan village is a settlement up in the Himalayas. Tibetan villagers live there along with a Tibetan treasure hunter named Tenzin with his daughter, as well as Karl Schäfer, who headed an Ahnenerbe expedition to find the Cintamani Stone in a large system of ice caves. Schäfer resolved to killing all his crew knowing what the stone could do to them.


Tibetan Villagers.jpg

Midway through the game, Nathan Drake is shot, and involved in a train crash. After escaping the train and trudging his way through and past the wreckage, Nate passes out, only to be brought by Tenzin to the nearby village, saving his life. However, he remains in a coma for a couple of days before finally awakening in "Where Am I?". As Drake walks through the village, he interacts with several of the villagers and animals who are spread throughout the area. They will give him a friendly greeting in Tibetan, but can not be interacted with further.

Later, Zoran Lazarević and his army invade the village and tear it apart looking for the Phurba, during "Siege". Nate, Tenzin, and the villagers using crossbows, do their best to defend the village, but Schäfer is kidnapped and Lazaravic's army drive off with him. Nate and Elena, who had traveled to the village since the crash, give chase in a truck. However, they are too late as Lazaravic kills Schäfer and steals the Phurba.

Sullivan, Nate, Elena, and Chloe return to the village at the end, after Lazaravic's death and pay their respects to Schäfer.


The Village is also a map in the multiplayer mode. The villagers also appear in the Co-op Objective mission The Village. Again, their village is under siege by Lazarevic's soldiers, and Nate, Elena and Tenzin must fight the soldiers to save the village.

Behind the scenes[]

Naughty Dog co-president Christophe Balestra's children (Theo and Lola) played the roles of two of the village's children.[1][2]