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Trapped is the eleventh chapter of Drake's Fortune. On his way to the harbor, Nate found himself trapped in a building, fighting several of Eddy's men. Soon, an astonishing discovery was made about Victor Sullivan.

Story[edit | edit source]

Nate was ambushed once again by a large group of Eddy's pirates inside the customs house. After surviving two waves of them, he advanced to the motorboat that would get him and Elena off the hidden island.

You Need to See This[edit | edit source]

Elena shows footage showing Sully still alive.

When he reached the harbor, Nate spotted some pirates loading some supplies onto the boat and preparing to leave on it. Elena managed to catch up with him, as she had something to show him. As Nate prepared to finish off the pirates, Elena pulled him back to show him video footage of Roman escorting Sully onto a helicopter with Navarro. Elena began to question how much Nate trusted Sully, pointing out that Roman and Navarro were not exactly holding him at gunpoint. Nate assured her that Sully was not a backstabber, and took out his map to inquire about their location. Elena directed him north, where they would find the monastery. Meanwhile, the pirates had sailed away in the boat, leaving the two with no other option but to travel after Sully.

The Bridge[edit | edit source]

Nate and Elena cross a rope bridge.

Advancing further, the two were passing over a rope bridge that spanned an enormous gap in the customs house. Nate pointed out scorch marks on the edges of the building, explaining that it was packed full of gunpowder, enough to blow it wide open. As they crossed the bridge, one of the planks beneath Elena gave way, causing her to fall through, with Nate heroically leaping after her, grabbing her wrist. Unfortunately, much to her dismay, Elena had to sacrifice her camera if she wanted to be saved. Following this incident, the two pressed on, eventually reaching the city's outer limit, on the bank of a river, where they found another jet ski, which would help them get up to the monastery.

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

When you first enter the room, do not go completely down the stairs. Instead, jump over the railing on the right, and you will be able to acquire a Dragon Sniper, after which you can run to the pair of crates nearby. You can also find a new M4 here, a more powerful assault rifle, and a pair of Mk-NDI grenades. Enemies will instantly begin attacking from numerous positions, notably a lone pirate at the top of the staircase that will likely shoot over your cover, and a machine gunner on the same staircase, albeit blocked by the large piece of stone between you and him.

Nate mans another turret.

There will be a few pirates on the right, including a fat one wielding a Wes - 44 that will approach your position right away. However, the largest concentration is at the back left end of the room, and they will likely prove too much to handle in your current position. Use the Dragon Sniper against the highest pirate and anyone else you can easily shoot from your current position. Then, head to the right, past the rubble, shooting the turret gunner if you have not yet done so. From here, you can either circle around the rubble (with another M4 next to it in the middle of the room) to shoot the remaining pirates in the back, or get to the turret and use that to mow them down.

Once cleared, more pirates will arrive to attack. Mow them down with the turret, then head up the stairs to activate the winch to the door. Quickly head back down and pass through the door before it shuts. Drop down and head down the stairs to trigger another cutscene.

Nate crosses the unstable bridge.

Once gameplay resumes, head up the stairs ahead and prepare for some more shooting. Steer clear of the guy with the M79, who happens to corner you upon coming up the stairs. Shoot down the other two pirates that attack from the stairs, and then head up the stairs on the left side. You will then approach a wooden bridge, which you must slowly cross to trigger another cutscene. Afterwards, continue crossing the bridge, then turn left, passing two sets of stairs. Drop down and head up the path leading into a small room. You will encounter an un-alerted pirate with a Wes - 44. Once he walks to the top of the stairs, stealthily attack him, then shoot down the others on the stairs. Head up the stairs, and you will approach the river bank with several more pirates waiting to attack you. Once you take them all down, the next chapter will begin.

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