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The legendary lost Tusk of Ganesh.

The Tusk of Ganesh is a mystical artifact in Uncharted: The Lost Legacy.



Though there are numerous stories pertaining to the myth of Ganesha's broken right tusk, The Lost Legacy uses the one based around a fight between Ganesha and ParashuramaShiva's ardent devotee and the sixth avatar of Vishnu. Parashurama went to meet Shiva in Kailash, but because he was preoccupied with meditation, Ganesha prevented Parashurama from entering. Known as an irascible god in Hindu mythology, Parashurama attacked Ganesha with his axe. Ganesha, recognizing the weapon as his father Shiva's, allowed himself to be struck. Although he could've easily defeated Parashurama, in doing so he would've made Shiva's axe look weak. As a result, his right tusk was cut off. Parashurama eventually realized his mistake, and asked Ganesha, Shiva, and Shiva's wife Parvati for forgiveness.[1]

The Lost Legacy[]

The Tusk of Ganesh is a golden, bejeweled treasure in the shape of an elephant's tusk. It has two rubies embedded on the front, a blue jeweled inlay, silver filigree, and is overall studded with blue gemstones. Its blue jeweled inlay bears a resemblance to the resin-formed Cintamani Stone in Uncharted 2: Among Thieves, and even glows in a similar manner. Within Hinduism, the Cintamani is related to gods Vishnu and Ganesha.[2]


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