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The U-857 was a German U-boat that became marooned in the Amazon rainforest after its crew returned from an unsuccessful attempt to recover the lost treasure of El Dorado.



Captained by Commandant Fritz Heigler, the U-boat and its entire crew first disappeared from records in the North Atlantic in January 1945, when it departed on a mission to The Island where the Spanish smuggled El Dorado. However, the crew was attacked by the mutated descendants and the submarine was later marooned atop a waterfall in the Amazon, only to be found by Nathan Drake and Victor Sullivan many years later while searching for El Dorado themselves.

Events of Uncharted: Drake's FortuneEdit


Nate inside the U-857.

Investigating the wreckage for clues, Nate stumbled upon the mutilated remains of the crew and a map of the island, along with the coordinates UK2642. When leaving the U-boat, Nate accidentally activated a torpedo, and he managed to escape just in time by crawling through one of the torpedo tubes.

Nate discovered that Sully was being held at gunpoint by Gabriel Roman and Atoq Navarro, who forced Nate to hand over the map before shooting Sully and seemingly killing him. The torpedo then exploded, destroying the U-boat and killing several of Roman's men. Using this as a distraction, Nate escaped into the jungle.


  • The actual U-857 wreck, after reportedly going missing in the North Atlantic Ocean, was later found lying just off Cape Cod, MA. Her sinking was attributed to the USS Gustafson, a Cannon-class destroyer escort, by depth charge hedgehogs, but the USS Coffman, another Cannon-class destroyer escort, was also thought to have sunk her.
    • A recent investigation has revealed that the USS Gustafson had not hit her, and the reason for her loss is currently unexplained.
  • In A Normal Life of Uncharted 4: A Thief's End, a drawing of the U-Boat in its initial location (as seen in Chapter 3 of Drake's Fortune) is seen on a wall in Nathan's house, to the right as the player goes down the stairs.