Uncharted 3 PlayStation Home Mini-Game

Uncharted 3 PlayStation Home Mini-Game

Wave 1

Uncharted: Fortune Hunter was a minigame released on PlayStation Home, and was accessible via the Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception Home space. It is a cover based shooter game set in the Yemen multiplayer map. There are quick time events during each wave.

The game has tutorial pages, leaderboards, and three waves. Experience points are earned by kills, headshots, and collecting treasure, which contribute towards challenges. Completing challenges will award Uncharted related items in Home. The player can cycle through weapons (hand gun, long gun, shotgun, RPG), scope in and out with some weapons, and throw grenades on an arc.

However, as PlayStation Home officially shut down on March 31, 2015, this minigame is no longer accessible.


Wave 1Edit

The game tells the player to move and collect some ammo for their pistol. It then advices the player to find a new weapon, ideally the SAS-12 sitting nearby. After killing enemies, the player can progress to a higher level of the map and find four grenades. After getting the grenades, a sniper boss battle appears. Once the sniper is dead, the player completes the round.

Wave 2Edit

Released October 20, 2011: a different path through the Yemen area is explored, culminating with an RPG boss battle.

Wave 3Edit

Released October 26, 2011: a different path through the Yemen area is explored, culminating with a Helicopter boss battle.

Challenges and rewardsEdit

Challenges are unlocked by accomplishing completing tasks, such as:

  1. Completing any two waves under par time of ten minutes
  2. Accumulating a number of grenade kills
  3. Accumulating a total of 250,000 experience points
  4. Completing any two waves with an accuracy above 60%.

Rewards include an Uncharted hand gun or rifle accessories.