Uncharted #3
Uncharted comic 3
Promotional image
Writer Joshua Williamson
Penciller Sergio Sandoval
Artist(s) Francesco Francavilla
Cover artist Tony Harris/Adam Hughes
Publisher DC Comics
Language English
Publication date January 25, 2012
Pages 32
Price $2.99
Preceded by Uncharted #2
Followed by Uncharted #4
Uncharted #3 is the third comic in the Uncharted comic miniseries, written by Joshua Williamson.

Plot summaryEdit

Drake and Sully need to escape a firing squad and the Russian mob before they can catch their flight to the center of the earth and the legendary Amber Room. Only one person can save them…but is she friend or foe?[1]

Plot synopsisEdit

The comic begins with Nathan Drake, Victor Sullivan tied up and blindfolded against a wall after getting caught by the The Russian Mob in Uncharted: Issue 2. Nate doesn't want to give up the information about the Amber Room, so Mykola Rusnak points a gun to Nate's head about to shoot him when out of nowhere Chloe Frazer shows up and saves the duo from Rusnak by blinding him and his men with a flash grenade&nbsp

File:2238847-she makes a good point 1.jpg

While the trio make there escape in a jeep, Rusnak gives chase and with a mounted machine gun on his vehicle, begins firing at them, but this proves to be vain as Chloe pulls a risky maneuver that sends Rusnak and his men off a cliff, killing them.

While arguing, Chloe says that she deserves to be in the group after saving them, which both men agree to. A few days later they get on a train and go to the North Pole. Michael and Rose Doughty learn that Drake gave them the wrong coordinates and spot him, Sully, and Chloe trying to hijack their plane on the airstrip. The siblings and their hired mercenaries force Sully to fly the plane to Agartha, which he reluctantly complies with. The plane suffers a rough landing when Sully flies into the gorge leading to the entrance of Agartha.

Michael orders Sully to stay behind and repair the damages to the plane while they explore the cave. While exploring, they find Sir Richard Byrd's encampment with the Amber Room destroyed.


The comic was released January 25th 2012, and will cost $2.99. It will contain 32 pages.