Uncharted #4
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Writer Joshua Williamson
Penciller Sergio Sandoval
Artist(s) Francesco Francavilla
Cover artist Tony Harris/Adam Hughes
Publisher DC Comics
Language English
Publication date February 29, 2012
Pages 32
Price $2.99
Preceded by Uncharted #3
Followed by Uncharted #5
Uncharted #4 is the fourth comic in the Uncharted comic miniseries, written by Joshua Williamson.

Plot SummaryEdit

With the enemy revealed, Drake and Chloe are on the run in the center of the earth and their way to the lost city of Agartha! But deep in the darkness...something is watching them.

Plot SynopsisEdit

Issue 4 starts off with Michael devastated by the fact that he can't avenge his family name and wants to kill Nate for revenge. However, Rose and Michael get into an argument; Rose believes they can still restore their family name with the discovery of Agartha. While they are arguing, Nate and Chloe escape through the doors leading to Agartha and the siblings and their mercenaries realized that they disappeared and pursue them.

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While running, they find a hand drawn map on a wall with Sir Richard Byrd warning them about huge monsters protecting the area. They realize that the doors weren't trying to keep things from coming in but to keep something from getting out. Drake and Chloe continue to run as the Doughtys are right behind them. They jump over a gap and cross a bridge made of World War II planes that is suspended over a river of lava. Later on, Chloe accidentally falls into a hole and Drake slides down a rope to go save her. She is unharmed, but the Doughtys and their mercenaries catch up and hop down into the hole with them. Before Michael can kill Nate, the group sees yellow glowing eyes staring at them in the darkness.


The comic was released on February 29, 2012, for the price of $2.99.