This article is a list of rewards that can be unlocked in Uncharted 2: Among Thieves. When a player earns a medal, they will earn money which can be used to buy rewards such as costume skins or weapons for use offline and online. If a player has an Uncharted: Drake's Fortune save file, when at the Bonuses menu on the Main Screen, they can press PlayStationSquare and can obtain an extra $20,000, or, if they have a save file that has completed Drake's Fortune once, an extra $100,000.

On the Nathan Drake Collection, some multiplayer character and weapon skins are usable on the single-player mode, due to the removal of Multiplayer mode. In addition, the money system has been removed; Rewards are now automatically unlocked after beating the game on certain difficulty levels, or by collecting enough Treasure.

Single-player Edit

In total, it will cost $992,000 to purchase all the single-player rewards. The individual costs for each section is $335,000 for all the skins, $222,000 for all the weapons, $30,000 for all the renders, $80,000 for all the bonus movies, $40,000 for the art galleries, and $285,000 for the tweaks.

Skins Edit

Skin Cost Requirements Requirements (Remaster)
Drake - Street Clothes Free None Collect a Treasure
Drake - Heist Gear $10000 None Collect 40 Treasure
Drake - Winter Gear $20000 Purchase Drake - Heist Gear. Collect 60 Treasure
Drake - Dirty and Beat-up $20000 Purchase Drake - Heist Gear. Collect 40 Treasure
Drake - Doughnut Drake $50000 Purchase Drake - Winter Gear and Drake - Dirty and Beat-up. Beat the game on
Chloe - Street Clothes $5000 None
Chloe - Winter Gear $20000 Purchase Flynn - Heist Gear and Flynn - Winter Jacket.
Flynn - Street Clothes $5000 Purchase Chloe - Street Clothes.
Flynn - Heist Gear $10000 Purchase Flynn - Street Clothes.
Flynn - Winter Jacket $10000 Purchase Flynn - Street Clothes.
Elena - Street Clothes $5000 None
Elena - Winter Gear $10000 Purchase Elena - Street Clothes.
Jeff - Elena's Camerman $5000 Purchase Elena - Winter Gear.
Victor Sullivan $5000 None
Tenzin $5000 Purchase Victor Sullivan.
Karl Schäfer $5000 Purchase Tenzin.
Dragan - Helmet Soldier $5000 None
Sark - Face Mask Soldier $5000 Purchase Dragan - Helmet Soldier.
Vodnik - Ski Mask Soldier $5000 Purchase Sark - Face Mask Soldier.
Lovac - Headphones Soldier $5000 Purchase Sark - Face Mask Soldier.
Tetram - Gas Mask Soldier $10000 Purchase Vodnik - Ski Mask Soldier and Lovac - Headphones Soldier.
Zorskel - Skull Mask Soldier $10000 None
Lieutenant Draza $10000 Purchase Zorskel - Skull Mask Soldier.
Zoran Lazarevic $20000 Purchase Lieutenant Draza.
Zoran Lazarevic - Healed Free Purchase Zoran Lazarevic.
The Dead Explorer $20000 Purchase Zoran Lazarevic. Beat the game on Crushing
Skelzor the Skeleton $30000 Purchase The Dead Explorer. Find the Strange Relic
Sir Francis Drake $30000 Purchase Skelzor the Skeleton. Collect All 101 Treasures
Genghis Khan Free Complete the game on Crushing. Collect All 101 Treasures
Marco Polo Free Obtain the Platinum Trophy. Collect All 101 Treasures
UDF Drake Remaster Only
UDF Elena Remaster Only
Platzor Remaster Only
Glowzor Remaster Only
Wetsuit Drake Remaster Only
Eddy Raja Remaster Only
Javier Remaster Only
Atoq Navarro Remaster Only
Baseball Shirt Drake Remaster Only
Prakoso Remaster Only
Gabriel Roman Remaster Only
Sullivan - Winter Gear Remaster Only
Wetsuit Elena Remaster Only
Borneo Chloe Remaster Only
Borneo Sullivan Remaster Only

Weapons Edit

Weapon Cost Requirements (Remaster)
Tranquilizer Dart Gun $5000 Collect 1 Treasure
.45 Defender Semi-automatic Pistol $5000 Collect 20 Treasures
AK-47 Assault Rifle $5000 Collect 20 Treasures
FAL Assault Rifle $5000 Collect 40 Treasures
Moss-12 Shotgun $5000 Collect 40 Treasures
92FS-9mm Semi-automatic Pistol $5000 Collect 60 Treasures
Wes-44 Revolver $10000 Collect 60 Treasures
SAS-12 Shotgun $10000 Collect 80 Treasures
Mk-NDI Grenades $5000 Collect 80 Treasures
Desert-5 Semi-automatic Pistol $10000 Collect 100 Treasures
Micro-9mm Fully Automatic Pistol $5000 Collect 100 Treasures
MP40 Submachine Gun $5000 Beat the game on Normal
P08-9mm $5000 Beat the game on Normal
M4 Assault Rifle $10000 Beat the game on Hard
M32-Hammer $20000 Beat the game on Hard
Dragon Sniper Rifle $20000 Collect the Strange Relic
Pistole Shotgun Pistol $10000 Beat the game on Crushing
GAU-19 $20000 Beat the game on Crushing
RPG-7 $20000 Collect all 101 Treasures
Eddy's Golden Gun $20000 Beat the game on Brutal
Chloe's .45 Defender $20000 Beat the game on Crushing
Golden Ak-47 Remaster Only Beat the game on Brutal or Pre-Order Bonus
Golden 92FS Remaster Only Beat the game on Brutal or Pre-Order Bonus

Render modes Edit

Render Cost Requirements (Remaster)
Black and White $10000 Beat the game on Easy
Sepia Tint $10000 Beat the game on Easy
Next Gen Filter $10000 Beat the game on Easy

Bonus Movies (Original Version Only) Edit

Movie Cost
Behind The Scenes: Technology and Gameplay $10000
Behind The Scenes: Story and Art $10000
Behind The Scenes: Making of the Cinematics $10000
Behind The Scenes: Online Technology $10000
Behind The Scenes: Naughty Dog $10000
Behind The Scenes: Mastering the Cell $10000
Behind The Scenes: Thinking Like a Dog $10000
Test Trailer Animatic $10000

Art galleries Edit

Gallery Cost Requirements (Remaster)
Concept Art Gallery 1 $5000 Complete Chapter 4
Concept Art Gallery 2 $5000 Complete Chapter 10
Concept Art Gallery 3 $5000 Complete Chapter 14
Concept Art Gallery 4 $5000 Complete Chapter 20
Concept Art Gallery 5 $5000 Complete Chapter 23
Concept Art Gallery 6 $5000 Complete Chapter 26
Concept Art Gallery - Bonus 1 $5000 Complete Chapter 26
Concept Art Gallery - Bonus 2 $5000 Complete Chapter 26

Tweaks Edit

Tweak Cost Requirements (Remaster)
Fast Motion - Play the game in fast motion $20000 Beat the game on Easy
Slow Motion - Play the game in slow motion $20000 Beat the game on Normal
Mirror World - Mirrors the game world left-to-right $25000 Beat the game on Easy
Flip World - Flips left and right in the game world every time that Drake dies $30000 Collect 20 Treasures
Infinite Ammo - Unlimited ammo supply $60000 Beat the game on Hard
One-Shot Kills - Defeat enemies with a single shot $80000 Beat the game on Hard
Zero Gravity - Turn off gravity for some objects $50000 Beat the game on Normal

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