There have been several downloadable content packs released via the PlayStation Network for Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception, all are listed here in order of release.

Pre-Fortune Hunters' ClubEdit

A dynamic theme for the PlayStation 3 system.

Fortune Hunters' ClubEdit

The Fortune Hunters' Club was a discount programme that sold the first 14 DLC packs in a bundle for $24.99. As the DLC packs that were part of the club have all been released, the program is no longer available.

Pack Contents

Date released in US (MM-DD-YY)

Price ($) Price (£) Price (€)
Classic Skin Packs (3 separate downloads)

25 skins total

(7; 10; 8)

11/1/11 2.75 per pack 2.39 per pack 2.99 per pack
Killzone 3 Accessory Pack (was not originally included in the 14 pack count for the FHC, but is still free for members.) 1 skin and 2 clothing accessories 11/15/11 1.49 1.19 1.49
Flashback Map Pack #1 4 maps 1/17/12 9.99 7.49 7.99
Prelude - Fort 1 co-op adventure mission 2/7/12 5.99 5.99 4.79
Rogues Packs (separate downloads or 2 bundles) 14 skins total 2/7/12 2.99 per bundle 1.59 per bundle 1.99 per bundle
Donut Pack Adds 5 skins 2/7/12 1.99 1.59 1.99
Flashback Map Pack 2 Adds 4 maps 2/21/12 9.99 7.49 7.99
Avatar Packs (separate downloads or 2 bundles) Adds 10 avatars 2/28/12 1.49 per bundle 0.79 0.99
Co-Op Shade Survival Adds 1 gametype 3/13/12 5.99 4.79 5.99
Drake's Deception Map Pack Adds 4 maps 4/10/12 9.99 7.99 9.99

Post-Fortune Hunters' ClubEdit

Maps and Modes DLC BundleEdit

A bundle that includes all DLC maps (both Flashback packs and the Drake's Deception map pack) and DLC gametypes (Shade Survival and The Fort) released for Uncharted 3 on the North American PSN as of April 17th. It does not appear to be available elsewhere.

Customisation ItemsEdit

Patch 1.13 enabled the use of numerous customisation items, which will be released in waves over the weeks after the patch goes live. The available items include cosmetics that affect stats (such as a gas mask for Marlowe or Elf Ears for Drake) and new taunts. All items in the first wave had to be bought from the PSN, while future waves will include items that can be unlocked through level progression.

The following Taunts are available to buy from the PSN: Arm Wave; Beat It; Facepalm; FFFUUUUU-; Haka; Heisman; Most Triumphant; The Carlton; The Spinner; Throat Slit and Take a Bow.

Customisation DLC is described in its own article due to the amount of it.

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