This article lists the custom item DLC that was released after Patch 1.13 for Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception multiplayer. Like the custom items available in-game before the patch, these items only apply to one particular character or skin. Unlike those items, many of these apply bonuses when worn.

Certain of these items can only be bought from the PSN, while others can be unlocked through level and legacy progression - the unlock condition is described next to the item. All DLC items currently released must be bought - items included in future waves can be earned through levelling.

Item ListEdit

All Character SkinsEdit

Jak Goggles Purchased

Nathan Drake (All Skins)Edit

Bandana Mask (Not available for Desert Drake) Purchased
Elf Ears Purchased
Fur Hat Purchased
Royal Crown Purchased
Snorkel Purchased
Suit Mask Purchased

Elena FisherEdit

Bunny Ears Purchased
Tiara Purchased
Veil Purchased

Young SullyEdit

Heavy Necklace Purchased
Sideburns Purchased

Chloe FrazerEdit

Cat Mask Purchased
Headdress Purchased
Heavy Hat Purchased
Nurse Hat Purchased
Sailor Hat Purchased
Teddy Bear Mask Purchased
Unicorn Mask Purchased
Wings and Halo Purchased
Winter Scarf Purchased

Charlie CutterEdit

Brain Purchased
Flat Cap Purchased
Naughty Dog Scarf Purchased
Paw Hat Purchased
Samurai Helmet Purchased


Cloth Mask Purchased
Eye Mask Purchased
Thick Sunglasses Purchased
Wrestling Mask Purchased


Bandana Purchased
Yak Head Purchased

Karl SchaferEdit

Tibetan Hat Purchased

Cameraman JeffEdit

Camera Glasses Purchased

Katherine MarloweEdit

Crown and Cowl Purchased
Gas Mask Purchased
Phantom Mask Purchased
Thin Sunglasses Purchased

Suited MarloweEdit

Royal Necklace Purchased

Talbot/Desert TalbotEdit

Half Gas Mask Purchased
Nose Ring Purchased


Eye Patch Purchased
Parrot Hat Purchased

Agent 13/Agent 44Edit

Constable Hat Purchased
Metal Glasses Purchased
Police Hat Purchased

Desert Agent 13Edit

Horns Purchased

Desert Agent 13/Desert Agent 44Edit

Old Gas Mask Purchased

Desert Agent 99Edit

Large Sunglasses Purchased

Dead AgentEdit

Spider Top Purchased
Spider Front Purchased
Spider Back Purchased

Gabriel RomanEdit

Axe Purchased

Atoq NavarroEdit

Heavy Goggles Purchased

Eddy RajaEdit

Gold Chain Purchased
Jester Hat Purchased


Football Pads Purchased
Skull Chains Purchased

Zoran LazarevicEdit

Cone Crown Purchased
Hair Purchased
Viking Mask Purchased

Lieutenant DrazaEdit

Bone Mask Purchased


Soldier Clown Mask Purchased


Double Gas Mask Purchased

Dead ExplorerEdit

Nose Chains Purchased
Ruined Winter Cap Purchased
Sapling Purchased


Bone Mohawk Purchased
Bone Horns Purchased
Gold Teeth Purchased

Marco Polo/Sir Francis Drake/Genghis KhanEdit

Stone Mask Purchased

All Doughnut SkinsEdit

Leather Mask Purchased