Patch 1.20 (AKA: Patch 1.20.055) was a patch update for Uncharted 4: A Thief's End.


Patch 1.20 is the fourth major update for Uncharted 4. It focuses on the survival gamemode. It was released worldwide on the February 3rd 2017 [1]


Ranked Team Deathmatch

  • New Ranked Season (Season 4)
  • Added new ranked weapon skins
  • Added new Ranked taunt
New Qualifier System

Qualifiers are now based on points earned rather than matches won. 

  • For example: To pass from Gold I to Platinum III, you need to earn at least 35 points over the course of 5 matches.

Points earned are still based on your grade for that match, with an S grade on a win awarding the maximum of 40 points.

Overachieving on points required will gives you bonus points upon advancing to the next rank (to a maximum of 50 points).

Failing a qualifier series with negative points will penalize you by that many points.

Master Rank System Update
  • Revamped how points are handled in Master Rank. Instead of being a grind for points, the system focuses on your average performance.
  • Players will enter into Master Rank with a 200 match rating average.
  • At the end of a match, you will receive a Match Rating and this will be factored into your “20 game average”. This average represents your Master Rank points.
  • The maximum possible Match Rating is 1000, and the lowest is -1000.


  • Bug fix for awarded chests not opening for the player
  • Bug fix for players that are unable to connect to multiplayer or are taking a long time to connect to multiplayer
  • Fix for profile data loss
  • Accounts that were affected by the profile loss will have their level restored
  • Fixed several crashes
  • Bug fix for multiplayer audio settings resetting when backing out to the main menu
  • Adjusted weapon skins to fix bright weapon skin issues in certain levels


Hardcore Mode Introduced

  • This intense new difficulty tier introduces higher stakes, giving players only one chance to make it through all 50 waves. That’s right, if your team is defeated, you’re back to square one.

Bug Fixes

  • Bug fix for clients using C4 and mines against djinn boss
  • Fix for players being able to melee Disciple warlords against walls
  • Indra’s Eternity no longer slows the vulnerable timer of warlord bosses while in the vulnerable state
  • Fix for enemies occasionally bind posing during combat
  • Fix where players will lose HUD and become invincible if the Indra Warlord’s teleport grab is interrupted by an explosion
  • Fix for Explosive Expert not awarding the advertised bonus damage
  • Player’s damage bonuses for level, weapon level, and boosters are now calculated correctly
  • Fix for late joiner losing their gear, cash, and weapon when respawning before completing the wave
  • Armor NPCs will now drop appropriate score

Balance Changes

Arsenal price ramp based on difficulty

  • Easy costs will be multiplied by .75
  • Normal costs will be multiplied by x1
  • Hard costs will be multiplied by x1.25
  • Crushing costs will be multiplied by x1.5

All bosses now avoid Indra’s Eternity and El Dorado player mysticals

Brute enemies stagger less often from headshots

Increased grenade, mine and C4 arsenal cost

C4 is now earned at the same rate as Grenades and Mines

Increased the cost of Indra’s Eternity

Decreased Sprit of the Djinn and Path of Indra price ramp when purchased from the arsenal

Double ammo for Barok, Harbinger and Desert 5 when purchased from the arsenal

Reduced ammo for Stoner from 150 to 100 when purchased from the arsenal

Reduced costs of all Heavy Weapons in the arsenal

Increased duration of Sprit of the Djinn from 20 seconds to 30 seconds

Increased base run speed of Sprit of the Djinn

Path of Indra now revives downed teammates