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Uncharted Wiki

The Uncharted Wiki is an online wiki compendium about the Uncharted series. It consists of articles and other content created by a collaborative community whose aim is to curate accurate and comprehensive content for Uncharted fans.

Structure and functionality[]

The Uncharted Wiki's content (articles, pictures, etc.) is added by its editors. By virtue of being a wiki, any visitor can become an editor. While some visitors create an account to edit, it is not required and some do not (however it is free and easy and comes with several benefits). All content is created, revised, and monitored in accordance with the site's policies and guidelines and scope to ensure they are up to standard in quality, reliability, and encyclopedic value.

The site is managed by a group of contributors known as administrators, who have the ability to delete and undelete pages, protect pages, rollback edits, block users, and edit the site's interface pages (see Project:Administrators for more information).

All decisions are made according to or with respect for consensus, determined by discussion among editors (usually via talk pages, discussion boards, or a dedicated chat room). Not the status of the contributor to the discussion nor the number of votes on a particular issue determine consensus—rather, the cogency of the presented arguments win out through a process of concession and good faith. However, regardless of any consensus, the dependence upon reliable sources to maintain the integrity of the site remains invariably paramount.


The wiki was founded in 2008 by Bohrok Awakener, who eventually abandoned it in 2011 due to inactivity, leaving it in the hands of fellow administrators Klock101, Samuelcd1997, Akaza, Raziel Reaper, and Elena Fisher.

Eventually, in the year 2017, Raziel Reaper became the only active administrator, eventually accepting the bureaucrat position in July 2018. During this time, the wiki received a main page overhaul, courtesy of Technobliterator and Jak Himself. A month later, RB1196, who joined the wiki in October 2017, was promoted as the wiki's content moderator in August 2018, after bringing a year's worth of good contributions to the wiki. Raziel eventually abandoned his position in February 2019, leaving RB1196 as the wiki's sole bureaucrat. The current administrative team now consists of RB1196, Tim H, Technobliterator, and Reg Boy (as the new content moderator), who are currently working effectively on a wiki-wide overhaul to replace the wiki's content.


This section documents an official Uncharted Wiki content policy.
It approximates a widely accepted standard that all editors should normally follow. Changes made to this page should reflect consensus.

While the Uncharted Wiki aims to be a comprehensive resource for Uncharted fans, it does not devote coverage to everything conceivably related to the Uncharted series. On the contrary, it primarily focuses on the canon and gameplay of the series, with everything else required to supplement such a focus. As such, it does not cover:

  • Real-world biographies about people involved with the creation of the series (as a sufficiently comprehensive article dedicated to them would exceed their involvement with Uncharted).
  • Cut content, except that which supplements canonical material (such as unused dialogue), or is directly relevant to used content (e.g. unused variations of a used element).
  • Articles otherwise entirely dedicated to "behind the scenes" information, or information related to franchises which feature Uncharted elements but are not installments to the Uncharted series.
  • Content that is unverifiable against canonical material.
  • Articles whose topics are not sufficiently notable (unique or distinctly relevant to the Uncharted series).

What the Uncharted Wiki is not...[]

This section documents an official Uncharted Wiki content policy.
It approximates a widely accepted standard that all editors should normally follow. Changes made to this page should reflect consensus.

As a site whose stated goal is to be a comprehensive resource for Uncharted "fans", it is possible to misconstrue the means to that end. The Uncharted Wiki is not:

  • A place for discussion concerning the games or topics therein that are not relevant to the improvement of the wiki itself (e.g. theories, speculation, requests for help with the games, etc.) These things may be discussed elsewhere, such as on a relevant subreddit.
  • An indiscriminate collection of information. Content must have practical and encyclopedic value. Merely being true is not enough to be included on the wiki (see § Scope).
  • Censored. The Uncharted series' target demographic is 13 and above, as is the wiki's. Therefore, there may be potentially offensive content that will not be censored.
  • Spoiler-protected. It should be a basic expectation that an encyclopedic site about a topic will have spoilers about it.
  • An experiment in democracy. While straw polls can be helpful in determining consensus, they themselves do not establish consensus. Majority rule leads to unresolved discussions and weakly established consensus not sustainable under future scrutiny.
  • A bureaucracy. The wiki does not have formal, rigid processes for the establishment of new rules or procedures. Instead, it is governed by an organic and dynamic body of consensus established through discussion, and enforced only where intervention is necessary.
  • Compulsory. Do not make the mistake of taking things too seriously. Remember, editing is not required.

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