Wiki projects entail various jobs to-do concerning the content of the Uncharted Wiki. A lot of these will overlap to some degree, or are best off done together and/or per game. Projects are worked on in a user's own userspace, though a sandbox to start with is provided in the welcome message. Publishing half-finished work is to be avoided, ideally. If possible, projects should include an example page of high quality.

Merging pagesEdit

  • Treasures: All treasure pages are to be merged into one for each game.
  • Trophies: All trophy pages need to be merged with either the relevant subject page, a trophy hub page or each other (in case of recurring trophies).
  • Galleries: All Category:Gallery pages are to be largely emptied and the useful content is to be merged with the relevant parent page. Specific useful content entails a select few renders, concept art, and high quality screenshots. (Dumping the content in a gallery section is not recommended; pictures should fit within the article or simply be deleted).
  • Multiplayer: (Pending)
  • Minor enemies: (Pending)
  • Medals: (Pending)


  • The categorization of the wiki is to be adjusted. Unnecessary categories are to be removed, and if possible, some will be merged with more relevant ones.


  • Rewrite plot information in past tense.
  • Create a chapter navbox for each game.
  • Removals:
    • First appearances
    • Quote templates
    • Treasures/collectibles information; link to them from the infoboxes
    • Random non-chapter-relevant trophy information
    • Galleries


  • Create any missing location pages.
  • Merge sub-locations pages into parent location pages.


  • Navboxes: All navboxes must be inspected to determine what changes are needed. Navboxes for specific games and specific categories are to be made.
  • Infoboxes:All infoboxes must be inspected to determine what changes are needed, followed by site-wide replacement.
    • {{infobox game}} is to be updated on all pages using it with the proper style layout from the documentation, replacing the <tabber> code with <gallery> and using normal text in place of the VGrelease and VGratings templates.
    • {{infobox chapter}} is to be used to replace all Uncharted walkthrough infoboxes in Category:Chapters. Additional parameters are required for ATE and TLL.
  • Appearances: A new appearances template is to be imported to the wiki. Once done, it is to be applied to each page.
  • Quotes: Cut down on quotes on some pages.


File maintenanceEdit

  • Special:Unusedimages
    • Add unused medal pictures to relevant Category:Medals.
    • Add other high quality pictures to pages.
  • Rename any inappropriately named files.
  • Special:Wantedfiles: Either remove file links or correlate missing files with existing files from Special:Unusedimages.
  • Special:Listredirects: Replace file redirects on pages with the proper file link (delete the redirects).
  • Category:Videos: Remove walkthrough videos from chapter pages (and almost all other videos from elsewhere).
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