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Chloe Frazer from TLL

Chloe Frazer is an Indian-Australian treasure hunter and thief for hire. She's a skilled professional whose reputation often makes her highly demanded in the criminal underworld. She was also an associate, a major ally, and a former love interest to fellow treasure hunter Nathan Drake, and has also worked with other people such as Harry Flynn, Charlie Cutter, Nadine Ross, and Samuel Drake.

Chloe is a major character and is the overall tritagonist in the Uncharted series before becoming the main protagonist of Uncharted: The Lost Legacy. In Among Thieves and Drake's Deception, Chloe is voiced and motion-captured by Claudia Black, who also recorded lines for the character in the multiplayer mode of A Thief's End. In The Lost Legacy, Claudia reprises her role as Chloe, while Michelle Lee provided motion-capture for the character. Chloe also appears in the Uncharted film serving as the tritagonist, played by Sophia Ali.

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    • ...that the line "Kitty got wet" came from Nolan North's eight year old son?
    • ...that in the cutscene "The Lost Fleet", the Greek writing on a blackboard translates as "Much enduring divine Nathan"?
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