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The hidden island is the main location featured in Drake's Fortune. It is an uncharted island located in the South Pacific at Kriegsmarine coordinates UK2642, somewhere off of the coast of Peru. It was originally found and colonized by the Spaniards, until their demise, and then rediscovered by the Nazis, until they too were wiped out. It was lost, until Nathan Drake discovered a map inside a Nazi U-Boat in the Amazon, in his search for El Dorado.

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Did you know...
    • ...that the letters NDI, which pop up throughout the series, are a reference to Naughty Dog?
    • ...that Ottsel, a fictional in-game swimwear company, is a reference to Jak and Daxter, in which Daxter is an Ottsel?
    • ...that the Strange Relic is actually a Precursor orb from the Jak and Daxter series?

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