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Unlocking the Past is the sixth chapter of Drake's Fortune. While continuing his search for Elena, Nate uncovered some more facts about Francis Drake.

Story[edit | edit source]

Nate exited the flooded chambers of the fortress and came out into a courtyard, where he caught sight of a large tower. Noticing that the same tower has been drawn on the map he recovered from the U-boat, Nate decided to investigate, and after defeating several pirates, he managed to find a door with an emblem above it, depicting two keys. He found the set of keys in the tower and used it to venture further through the fortress.

Nate reading old writing by Francis Drake.

After another series of large shootouts he eventually stumbled upon an English helmet, as well as a message written on a wall. The message, left by Sir Francis Drake, read; "Fletcher, we have gone to the great tower. I pray that you will meet us there." Right beside the message was a drawing of the tower and a map leading to it. Once back outside he found the tower mentioned by Drake and proceeded to head towards it.

Nate looking at the harbor through Sir Francis' telescope.

Once there, as he approached the balcony, he found Drake's telescope on a table and used it to observe a distant harbor. He saw that the ships that brought Sir Francis to the island remained only as half-sunken wrecks. It then dawned on Nate that Drake may never have made it off the island. Looking downward, he noticed Elena, who was standing near the base of the tower, filming the same sight across the harbor. Two pirates snuck up to a ledge behind her and were prepared to shoot her until Nate acted quickly and shot one of them. Unfortunately, one of them turned around and fired back at Nate with his M79, destroying the balcony and knocking Nate unconscious.

Jailbreak[edit | edit source]

Following this, Nate was then placed inside a jail cell, until he was wakened by Elena, who appeared at the barred window. She began inspecting the walls and bars and told him that it would just take a tug to pull them out. She then went off quickly, shortly before Nate's old business associate Eddy Raja entered the room. He revealed that he stole Nate's map of the hidden island and then began to offer him a deal, in which he would probably live if he led Eddy to El Dorado. Nate, however, did not trust Eddy's word and refused to cooperate, which suddenly infuriated Eddy.

Eddy holding Nate at gunpoint.

Eddy then revealed that his men were dying on the island, as a result of some unknown cause. Nate refused to cooperate with Raja's threats and demands, saying that he would rather die than help him. Eddy, still trying to convince Nate to accept the offer, elaborated further, saying that the last man alive gets the gold and the girl. Nate, however, told him that Elena had probably already left to seek help. This, however, did not bother Eddy, as he did not believe Elena could be much of a threat and that he could easily find her. All the while, during the chatter between the two, Elena placed a hook on the bars, and then out of the blue, ripped the walls apart as she pulled away on a jeep, leaving Eddy to stare in shock and allowing Nate to swipe the map from his hands. He then climbed into the jeep with Elena, fleeing the fortress. Eddy called his men for backup and then pursued the two.

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

Searching for the keys[edit | edit source]

After raising the water level in the flooded chambers, you will now be able to proceed up the stairs, which will lead you outside into a courtyard, where you will encounter some more pirates. A few appear ahead, as well as on the higher level of the fort. Make your way up there as you fight them. After taking them out, head over to the winch on the far wall on the left to open the gate below. Climb back down and head through the gate into another yard, where you can find a locked door with an emblem of two keys above it.

Nate scaling the tower.

Since you cannot open the door yet without the keys, you must return to the courtyard and proceed to climb the pillars until you reach a rope. Grab it (using Triangle) and then quickly dodge the falling bricks (using Circle). Then, proceed to climb the newly destroyed pillars towards the tower, quickly jumping towards it as the final platform will start to tumble below you. From here, make your way up to the top to retrieve the keys from a skeleton. After that, slide down the rope Nate kicked down, then climb back down to the second yard to open the door.

Searching for Drake's tower[edit | edit source]

Nate manning a turret.

After passing through the door, walk through the halls, and you will come across another courtyard packed with enemies. Watch out for the turret in the building above. You can use the time it needs to reload to switch cover if needed, with special mention to the M79 placed in front of the closest stack of crates on the right, and the Wes - 44 placed on another stack of crates in the first alcove on the right. Use the M79 to take out the pirate manning the turret, and after taking out the remaining enemies, head over to the winch on the left side of the yard. Head up the stairs, then take out the enemies within the halls.

As you pass through the halls, you will approach the turret. More enemies will show up in the courtyard below. You can mow them down using the turret. Once done, press forward and head down the stairs. You will eventually reach a dark room. Head up to the table and press Triangle to trigger a small in-game cutscene of Nate reading the writing on the wall. A pirate with a Moss - 12 shotgun will show up. After taking him out, head through the doorway from which he appeared.

Nate crossing a series of pillars.

You will exit in another open area, where Nate spots Drake's tower. Take out the three pirates that appear, then make your way to climb across some stone pillars to reach the wall, from where you can climb to the right and jump on top of the ruined staircase. At the next ledge, you must jump to two pillars, at which point the camera shifts. Jump to the right pillar, then drop down to a ledge and leap to the other pillar. From here, make your way across the walls, using the ledges until you reach a window. Climb inside and then make your way upstairs. You must then approach the balcony where. After a short cutscene, you must act quickly and shoot one of the two pirates before they kill Elena. After doing so, the other will turn around and shoot his M79 at Nate, triggering a cutscene leading to the next chapter.

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