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Unwelcome Guests is the nineteenth chapter of Drake's Fortune. Nate managed to restore power to the bunker, and he soon discovered the truth about El Dorado, while Elena was taken hostage by Roman and Navarro.

Story[edit | edit source]

Last Testament[edit | edit source]

Nate holding Francis Drake's final letter.

Once Nate activated the generator, the room became red as an alarm went off, and within seconds, descendants began swarming the room. Before he could pass through the only door leading out of the room, he had to activate two electrical switches that delivered power to the rest of the bunker, while mowing down the descendants. After a successful escape, he went back the way he came. While doing so, Nate found a dead Nazi lying in a corner, and he assumed he was killed by the descendants.

Figuring a way out of the bunker, he came across a room where he found a projector, which displayed footage of the German expedition. Nate got a surprising look at the El Dorado statue, along with one of its victims, who was being chained to it while attempting to attack the camera and behaving exactly like the descendants. On the table beside the projector, Nate discovered a letter: the last testament of Francis Drake. In the letter, Sir Francis explained that the treasure bore a "terrible curse", and that it was he who destroyed the ships in the harbor in an attempt to stop the descendants from ever leaving the island. Reading this, Nate realized that the treasure also affected the Spanish hundreds of years ago.

Hostage Situation[edit | edit source]

Nate seeing Elena being captured.

Pushing on, Nate arrived in the control room opposite the one that he left Elena in. From here, he saw Elena being captured by Roman and Navarro. Roman activated the microphone on his end to speak to Nate, sarcastically thanking him for leading them to El Dorado as he held up the Nazi map. They then left, taking Elena with them to stop Nate and Sully from trying anything "creative".

Navarro's mercenaries entered the bunker to kill Nate. However, descendants also appeared and began attacking in large numbers, trying to kill Nate and the mercenaries. Using as much available firepower as he could, Nate fought through the large swarm of foes before climbing a ladder that led him back up to the monastery.

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

Restoring power[edit | edit source]

The chapter starts immediately with a horde of descendants that will come after you. Use your MP40 to fend them off, and head for the newly unlocked door, which leads to a small passage with a switch at the end. The switch is placed above a platform, which can serve as a momentary reprieve from the descendants. You can also find two Mk-NDI grenades here. After activating the first switch another door will open, requiring you to repeat your previous actions. This will unlock the door you used to enter the room, and upon reaching that one you will automatically lock it behind you.

Nate fighting descendants in the generator room.

Now, you must find a way out of the bunker. Head down the hall, turning left, then right, then right again. Head down the hall, leading into the room with the movie projector. After the cutscene, you will be attacked by more descendants. After taking them out, head up to the door you used to enter the room and force it open. Once through, head down the hall, turn left, and head down the corridor going into the now accessible second control room.

Fighting mercenaries and descendants[edit | edit source]

Shortly after the cutscene, you will be attacked by mercenaries who now come with helmets, meaning you will have to shoot them twice in the head for a headshot. You can use the boxes in the room for cover, and also grab two more grenades, which will be useful against the mercenary with the SAS - 12 coming to attack you. After taking him out and his companion, take care while going down the stairs, as there will be no cover and little space to dodge. Descendants will now also appear to repeatedly attack the mercenaries, causing the two often to be more occupied with one another than with you.

Head downstairs, using a breach in the wall on the left to enter the submarine dock chamber, where you will be targeted by a Desert - 5 sniper in the first control room. The M4, or 92FS - 9mm if you have either the SAS - 12 or MP40, are useful in taking him out. Continue through the area until you reach a pair of crates, with a Dragon Sniper and two grenades lying on-top. The descendants will not be able to reach you here, but a large fight between them and the mercenaries will break out ahead of you. Even the odds by taking out the mercenaries, if needed with the grenades to destroy their cover.

Nate fighting descendants and mercenaries.

Note that you can jump onto a small platform on top of a pipe on the right, which leads to an extra group of three otherwise inaccessible grenades. Once all descendants have been killed, head down the passage and turn right, where another large group of mercenaries will be taking cover amidst a group of large boxes. Another sniper will also target you from the control room, forcing you to either take him out or use the boxes for cover. You can find another Dragon Sniper after the large boxes, lying atop another pair of boxes like earlier. Either use it to take out the sniper, but from here you can rush across the final stretch, dealing with any final descendants barring your way. Climb the platform at the end to reach the ladder to safety, taking the sniper with you into the next chapter "Race to the Rescue".

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