Elena Fisher

aka Seriously, Elena Fisher is my real name.

  • I live in Key West, California, United States
  • I was born on December 3
  • My occupation is Journalist
  • I am Female (and Gorgeous)

I am not the Elena Fisher from the Uncharted series but I'm as close to an expert on her as you're going to get so I am willing to answer any questions about myself or her and I was originally approved but now the fun is over and I'm focusing on trying to make this wiki the best it can be. 

Honestly though, Among Thieves was my favourite and Deception was a complete and utter let down because of the lack of Elena. Also, that story?

I spend most of my time on Elena's page because I like to flatter myself in thinking I know her better than the rest of the character's (that personality page was mostly me), but I dash all over the place. Looking forward to U4 but kinda scared it'll end up like the lackofthestrongfemalecharacterswhichmadeUnchartedsogreat/NateandSullyfestwhichgotold let down of U3 but we'll see. Not that I hate Nate and Sully, BTW.

Anyway, questions on the series? Fire away! On the wiki? Not as fun, but go ahead too!

My Favorite PagesEdit

  • Nathan Drake (Nate's too busy, or lazy, to see his page is correct.)
  • Elena Fisher (Trying to fill in an accurate history of myself).
  • Victor Sullivan (He deserves a decent wiki after all Nate's put him through.)
  • Chloe Frazer ( We are still friends.)
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