This page is a list of weapons that appear in Uncharted: The Lost Legacy. Unlocking weapons becomes available after successful playthrough of the game on any level of difficulty. The menu can be accessed via Extras, then Add-Ons.

Note the list does not include the MG Turrets or DShK, as those cannot be unlocked, are temporary, and are only used in specific instances.

Side arms

  • Micro-9mm - A fully-automatic machine pistol with a carry-able ammunition capacity of 60 rounds and a magazine capacity of 20 rounds. It is a smaller variant of the standard Uzi.
  • Para .45 - The Para .45 has moderate damage, accuracy, rate of fire. It has low recoil. It is best used close to mid-range.
  • Pistole - The Pistole is similar to a short, double-barreled, sawed-off shotgun. Its downsides are its range and cylinder capacity of 2 shells.
  • RKL-155 - The RKL-155 is a fully-automatic pistol with high accuracy, moderate damage recoil, and rate of fire. It's best used mid-range.


  • Arrowhead A3c - Fully automatic assault rifle. The Arrowhead A3c has low damage moderate recoil, accuracy, and high rate of fire. It is best used mid to long range.
  • FAL - The FAL features a three shot burst, and is best used as a mid to long-range weapon. It has a red-dot sight when zoomed in to increase accuracy; however, the magnification is minimal.
  • Mazur LDR - Bolt-action sniper rifle. The Mazur LDR has high damage recoil and accuracy, and slow rate of fire. It works best at long range.
  • Mettler M-30 - Semi-automatic rifle. The Mettler M-30 has high damage and moderate recoil, accuracy, and rate of fire. It's best used mid to long range.
  • P90 - Fully automatic submachine gun. The P90 has moderate damage accuracy, high recoil and a very fast fire rate. Best used close to mid-range.
  • Spezzotti 12 Gauge - Pump-action shotgun. The Spezzotti 12 Gauge has high damage (at close range), high recoil and spread, and a slow rate of fire.I t's best used at close range.


  • China Lake GL - The China Lake is a pump-action grenade launcher. It can hold up to four rounds. The aiming reticule is similar to the throwing arc of an ordinary grenade. It is handy at eliminating large groups of enemies.
  • Desert-5 - A semi-automatic pistol that looks like the desert eagle handgun with a carry-able ammunition capacity of 14 rounds and a magazine capacity of 7 rounds.
  • RPG - It is a shoulder-launched anti-tank weapon that is highly effective against personnel and vehicles. It must be reloaded after every shot and the player can only carry 3 rounds max. It has the blast radius of a grenade and kills most enemies with one direct hit, except for major bosses.