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The Wrath of Indra.

The Wrath of Indra is an artifact appearing in Uncharted: Eye of Indra.


The Wrath of Indra is one the three treasures of Indra, alongside the "Path of Indra", and the far more prized "Eye of Indra". The "Wrath" appears to be a golden kris.

By the events of Uncharted: Eye of Indra, both the Path and the Wrath of Indra come into the possession of Daniel Pinkerton, who also searches for the Eye of Indra, unaware the amulet lies inside the Path of Indra.

Apart from a brief mention in the first episode and a cameo in the forth, the Wrath of Indra plays no role in the Eye of Indra. What happened to the golden kris after the motion comics' events is unknown.