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Zoran Lazarević's soldiers were a large, rogue privately-owned army of paramilitary personnel, that Zoran used in his search for Shambhala. They were the main enemies of Nathan Drake for the duration of Uncharted 2: Among Thieves. They are widely considered to be the most dangerous opponents Drake ever faced due to their advanced weaponry, heavy armor, and use of mechanized vehicles.


General Information and Tips[]

Most, if not all, soldiers in Lazarevic's army wear urban camouflage and black combat gear. The soldiers that wear urban camo are usually weaker, while soldiers wearing black clothing are more dangerous. The soldiers encountered usually wear the same gear; the only difference between each soldier may usually be objects worn on the face, such as headphones, helmets, gas masks, etc.

Unit types[]


Soldiers are the most common type of mercenaries. They wear urban camouflage or black combat gear. The urban-clad soldiers use AK-47 or M4 rifles or 45 defender / 9mm handguns, and usually appear in groups or to support the heavier soldiers. Black-armored soldiers will use an FAL or M4 assault rifle, and usually appear leading a group of urban soldiers.

Sub machine gunner[]

These soldiers wear the same uniforms as regular soldiers but wear orange hats, These soldiers always carry submachine guns and may sometimes use riot shields.


Shotgunners wear the same as regular soldiers and wear balaclavas over their face. These soldiers use a Moss - 12/SAS - 12 Shotgun and very rarely riot shields and pistoles. Vodnik is a countable member of the unit.


Snipers wear black gear with a ski mask and headphones. Lovac also works in Lazarevic's army as a sniper. There are two kinds of soldiers that appear. One soldier will use a Dragon sniper rifle and appear in high places usually out of the player's reach. Other soldiers will attack the player head-on with Desert 5s with laser sights.

In Chapter 22 - "The Monastery", snipers in the monastery can be seen with a different appearance similar to the Rocketeers.

Helmet soldier[]

Helmet soldiers wear black combat gear and will use FAL or M4 assault rifles. These soldiers have helmets to protect them, but they can easily be shot off.


Rocketeers wear black combat gear with a backpack full of rockets and a bandanna over their face. Sark is also a rocketeer in Lazarevic's military. These soldiers always carry RPG-7s and can kill the player in one shot on the higher difficulties.


Grenadiers wear black combat gear with and a bandoleer of grenades and gas masks. Tetram is a member of the grenadier squad. They always carry M32-Hammers. The grenades they fire are not as damaging as RPGs but are still just as dangerous.

Light armored soldier[]

Light armored soldiers wear large armored uniforms with goggles and carry either M4 assault rifles or Moss - 12/SAS - 12 shotguns. Dragan is the most known light armored soldier.

These soldiers can be difficult to face due to their armor but can be killed with a proper strategy such as shooting of the helmet or by pulling it off in CQC.

Medium armored soldier[]

Medium armored soldiers wear more powerful armor with skeleton paint all over giving them are dangerous appearance. The armored soldier can be defeated with mostly the same strategy. Zorskel is the most strong of these troopers.

Heavy soldier[]

Heavy soldiers nicknamed “Mutants” by Nathan. They wear large brown armored uniforms and carry GAU-19's. These soldiers are almost entirely impervious to bullets taking three RPG shots to kill them.

It is never a good idea to fight these soldiers head-on. Instead, the player should keep their distance until you acquire a strong enough weapon.


In multiplayer, several soldiers can be used as costumes, each having their own voice. These include:





  • Tetram, Sark, Lovac, Vodnik, Zorskel, and Lieutenant Draza are all Multiplayer skins. Each one has their own unique sayings and quotes, particularly noticeable is the superb voice acting used to be able to tell each one apart just by hearing their voices in multiplayer. However, all these soldiers, excluding Draza and Zorskel, jump and groan using Dragan's voice.
    • All of Lazarevic's soldiers also returned for Uncharted 3 Multiplayer as selectable skins, once purchased from the Classic Skins DLC pack (Zorskel is excluded, however, he appears in Co-op Adventure as a sub-boss). However, many of the soldiers had their original outfits modified to look more like single-player soldiers. For example, Lovac no longer wears his signature headphones, making him the M4 wielding soldier from Reunion, Vodnik is now a helmeted soldier, and Dragan now wears body armor. Sark and Tetram, however, only had colors in their outfits changed. Another interesting fact is that, while almost all of the voice files from Lazarevic's soldiers are present in single-player (as they were recycled from Uncharted 2 for Uncharted 3), none of Lazarevic's soldiers have their original voices; they have instead been replaced by the various custom hero/villain voices.
    • On another note, however, one could argue that Tetram kept his original voice actor, as his voice files from U3 sound very similar to his voice in Uncharted 2.
    • The grunting sound clips originally from Dragan that were shared with many of the soldiers in U2 Multiplayer were given to Talbot in U3, despite the fact that Talbot is British and sounds nothing at all like Dragan.
  • In the Uncharted 3 Multiplayer Co-op Adventure map, Borneo, Lazarevic's soldiers make a triumphant return as the main enemies, with Lieutenant Draza acting as the final boss. They appear again in the Airport Co-op Adventure map.